How to Make Your Living Room More of a Communal Area

Your living room should be the centre of your home. It is the place where you unwind from a hard day’s work, so it should be comfortable at the very least. However, some people want to make more out of this room.

Whether you have family or a close group of friends, it is vital that you have a place to gather. Your living room could become this place, and this article is about to show you how.

Less Intrusive Furniture

It is vital that a communal area has seating. Unfortunately, the wrong type of furniture can limit the space you have available. This means that you will have to compromise on the type of activities that you can do.

Therefore, it is good to shop around for less intrusive furniture. For example, a corner sofa is going to give you much more space to move around without compromising on comfort. It is easy to find stylish furniture to kit out your communal living room. Denelli Italia is a furniture store that specialises in designer beds and sofas. You can view available furniture yourself via to see if they can provide you with the furniture you need for a comfortable yet fashionable living room.

Mount Your T.V

The mark of a good communal area is the ability to relax. Your guests can already chill out on your sofas, but some may have to stand if you have a lot of guests. This isn’t a problem if they are enjoying the company of others, but the last thing people want to worry about is tripping over cables.

Hanging your T.V on the wall will give you more space for activities while also helping to put your guests more at ease. What’s more, it is easier to place your T.V in a place where everyone can see when on the wall. This setup can make for a perfect movie night or home theatre experience. To further enhance the acoustics and overall cinematic experience, consider incorporating Acoustic Paneling for Home Theaters.

Cozy Place To Sit

No communal area is complete without a cozy place to sit and put your feet up. A stylish ottoman can provide just that, and copper and tweed offer a great selection of ottomans that can complement any living space. Not only do ottomans provide extra seating, but they can also serve as functional and stylish coffee table. You can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your specific needs.

Incorporating an ottoman into your communal area can also help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It can serve as a gathering spot for conversation or a place to relax with a good book.

Have Somewhere To Eat

Anyone who spends a lot of time in your new communal area will get hungry at some point. Whether you plan on laying out snacks for your guests or preparing a three-course meal, they are going to have to eat somewhere.

The key is providing somewhere to eat that does not take away from the communal aspect of the room. Otherwise, it just becomes a standard dining room. That is why investing in a foldaway dining table can work wonders. Everyone still gets to relax in the communal area, and you can shift it into a dining room when the time comes. Also, some half tables pressed against a wall can provide a good spot to place snacks.


You can’t always have everything that you need within arm’s reach. Things like board games, musical instruments, and games consoles are all fun to bring out when needed. However, you don’t want all of this stuff clogging up vital communal space. That is why you should choose your living space wisely.

A room with a built-in cupboard will provide you with all of the storage that you need, and you don’t have to leave your guests to fetch important items. If you do not have a cupboard like this, you can always build one into an alcove. Failing that, under furniture storage or an ottoman can perform dual functions.

Sliding Doors

The idea of sliding doors gets tricky depending on where your living area is situated and how much money you have to spend. However, the ability to let your guests fill out onto your lawn is great in summer.

You can choose to have a full wall of sliding doors, a French door at the back, or even consider retractable fly screens for stacker doors. Either way, your guests will appreciate the ability to stretch their legs or get some fresh air. What’s more, you can always put up some floor-to-ceiling curtains when winter arrives.

Warm Colours

Speaking of winter, things can get complicated when the temperature drops. Everyone has their own space set up to deal with the cold, and it becomes difficult to find the urge to leave the house. That is why you should focus on warmth when it comes to decorating your communal area.

The UK weather forecast is far drabber than it ever is sunny, and you can counter this by filling your communal area with warm colours. Dark browns and reds are perfect for creating a comforting atmosphere, and you want your guests to forget all about the cold weather. Furthermore, it is a good idea to avoid light blues ad whites when it comes to painting.


Turning your living room into a communal area should pose a challenge if you follow this advice. Everyone wants an area that they can call their own, but it is much better to have a place where you can get together with the ones you care about.

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.