Keeping Your Energy Bills Down This Winter

Keeping your energy bills down is always a concern in the winter months. As the weeks get colder and we’re preparing to spend more time at home, we could all do with some extra life hacks to keep bills down and our home warm and cosy. 

It’s essential to ensure things are running smoothly and efficiently as the nights draw in. We need to be sure we’re making the most of heating in our home, and not wasting energy with a hefty price tag. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite tips below.

Bleed Your Radiators 

Cold spots or inconsistent heating can be one of the most common signs of a radiator in need of bleeding. Make sure you’re prepared to bleed them as soon as the nights start drawing in, and have a radiator key to hand. This handy guide can talk through the process to restore your radiators. 

Service Your Boiler

Keep an eye on how often you’re servicing your boiler. If your heater installation is running in the best possible condition, you can avoid costly repairs, and ensure your home is heated efficiently with minimal cost. Call a local heating contractor to schedule a tune-up for your boiler or heating system.

Consider Your Furniture Layout 

Ensure furniture is moved away from radiators in the home to allow ample heat flow, and look to repair or block off any draughts that have developed under doors or along window sills. If your environment is optimised to maintain heat, your home will stay warmer for longer after your heating is turned off. Less heating use will lead to lower energy bills, whilst still keeping you warm and comfortable. 

Turn Off Standby 

You can quickly and easily reduce your energy bills by changing a few details about how, and when, you use your household appliances. Turning off the standby setting on televisions, desktop computers, laptops or speakers can be a great first step and save you money year on year. 

Reassess Your Lighting 

Making more appropriate use of your lighting is another top tip in cutting your energy bill, and it can make your home feel extra cosy too. Energy efficient or LED bulbs can make your general lighting use more planet friendly and cheaper. Making use of smaller sidelights or candles to create a festive feel without the glare of full lighting can cut costs and create a homely, welcoming atmosphere, as well. 

Invest In Energy-Efficient Appliances 

Or, if you’re looking to invest in new appliances this winter, make sure your purchase A+ efficiency rated technology or above, as this indicates the best energy efficiency in terms of carbon footprint, and the cost to run. 

En Route to A Cosy, Cost-Effective Winter 

Hopefully, these handy hacks will be a useful tool in lowering your energy costs, while keeping warm and cosy this winter. Mindful use of our boiler systems and home appliances, and careful consideration of our home layout, can make all the difference when it comes to monthly expenditure. Go ahead and enjoy the next few months, safe in the knowledge you’ll be a little richer next quarter!

Gareth Knell – Managing Director of GK Plumbing and Heating