Interior Design Tips For Achieving The Instagram Obsessed Japandi Look

Japandi interior design is taking Instagram, Pinterest and our homes by storm. Nest makers and decor lovers are favouring this new and exciting fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian interior design trends. Pinterest has seen a 122% increase in posts and searches for “Japandi” since the start of 2021, showing that this chic new design style is a firm favourite for design fanatics. 

Japandi is rooted in minimalist design principles, focusing on bringing warm, natural elements into the home with crisp and clean Scandi inspired lines throughout. 

To take this trend from our social media feed to our homes, interior experts Stelrad have teamed up with colour and environmental psychologist Lee Chambers to guide us through how to achieve the Japandi look. 

Are you ready to create a calming and natural Japandi interior bliss in your home?  

Top tips on how to embrace Japandi

Natural Colours 

The Japandi interior trend is all about rooting yourself in a natural space, so it focuses on bringing a natural and natural colour palette into the home. Think soft browns, oatmeal and calming green hues. Anything natural and earthy to centre the room and create an oasis to ground you. 

“Colours that are prevalent in nature, are destimulating and grounding”, Lee told us, “they can promote a sense of serenity and feeling of safety. These colours can be regenerative to our wellbeing and they are soothing to be surrounded by, and they can even trigger our relaxation response. In addition, they can reduce our stress levels and promote calm confidence to explore in a mindful way.”

Embracing Natural Light 

“Lighting and ventilation are crucial,” Lee told us, “having a space that has some natural light and airflow promotes a more positive reflective state”– and Japandi design is all about this. 

Letting the light into your room will help uplift the space and create a brighter, happier space to relax in. A top design tip to maximise the light in your space is to place a mirror opposite your window to help the light travel around the room and fill every corner. 

Bring Nature In 

Japandi style is the perfect fusion of modern minimalism and a reverence for nature. This is why, bringing nature into the home, through natural materials and plants is a key feature of the design movement. 

Natural woods, organic cotton, rich wool and rattan are some classic materials you’ll find in a Japandi designed space. You’ll also find at least one carefully considered plant, positioned to complement and enhance the space, but also to become a feature of itself. 

From bonsai plants to bamboo trees, Japandi design embraces ornamental and interesting plants to break up the clean lines of fresh design and make the essence of nature clear throughout the room. 

Defined Lines 

Japandi design brings us a softer version of the shapes and definition we see in Scandi design. Room details and furniture are still very sharp and considered, but there is a gentleness in the definition here, with muted tones and natural materials to soften the edges and nurture the space.  

This carries through into the smaller details of the decor too. Japandi rooms are never cluttered, and the details of each room are highly considered and often made from materials such as terra cotta, glass and concrete to mimic the crisp lines of the space. 

Minimalism & Cohesion 

Embracing the Japanese value of promoting a meditative state of mind is woven into all aspects of Japandi design, especially when building a considered and clutter-free room. 

Walking into a chaotic and jumbled room will make your brain feel scatty and often overwhelmed. Lee agreed, stating “as we look to create a relaxing space, colour only plays one part. If a space is cluttered, it increases our cognitive load, making it harder to relax. And this is exactly what Japandi design seeks to avoid.”

With minimal and cohesive decor choices, Japandi style helps to create a calming and clutter-free zone so you can fully unwind in your abode. 

Will you be embracing any Japandi design features in your home this summer? 

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.