Take a Fresh Look at Standard Kitchen Units with KitchenIn’s Click-Together Cabinets

Design your dream kitchen in minutes with standard kitchen units from KitchenIn. Simple, effective and infinitely stylish, KitchenIn’s easy-fit kitchen units are a gift in the busy lives of every homeowner. According to https://guides4homeowners.co.uk/, whatever your style aim – whether you’re looking for a fabulous new look or just want to replace a single unit – KitchenIn’s cabinets are that piece in the interior puzzle.

Best in the business 

KitchenIn’s professional designers know that functionality is a must. The Essex-based team are pacemakers in advanced, achievable kitchen technologies and take the lead as the top replacement kitchen door supplier in the UK. Creating practical solutions that don’t compromise on style, KitchenIn help homeowners like you design a unique space that’s just right for your lifestyle.

The company design and produce the best replacement kitchen doors, drawer fronts and units. Over 1280 designs and a wide range of sizes means you can create a bespoke space that’s sure to inspire. And, with styles ranging from country cottage traditional to up-to-the-minute modern, you know you’re going to find that ‘it’s perfect’ kitchen piece.

Nor does quality need to cost: with star items for less than £40, you can refresh your space whatever your budget! 

Simple ‘n’ stylish: the best standard kitchen units for your home 

We love KitchenIn’s stellar range of click-together standard kitchen units. Functional, easy and fabulously modern, they are the best way to a bright new look. KitchenIn’s ClicBox kitchen expertise will revolutionize your interior projects. The patented UNICLIC technology offers unparalleled ease: your kitchen units arrive ready to assemble and click together in only five minutes! And unclick, too, so you can disassemble and rearrange in an instant. It’s what we all want: a quick, effortless style that comes without a hefty instruction manual!

Material evidence 

The best products start with gold-standard materials, and with KitchenIn you get products made to last. Each carefully designed kitchen unit is created by specialist manufacturers in England and Italy and is constructed from 18mm MFC material with a solid 8mm back. Because durability is key: when it comes to your kitchen, you need units you can trust.

No need to worry about sourcing specialist fitting materials, either. Every flat pack kit arrives ready to build at your leisure, with no extra requirements for glue, fittings or DIY tools. As well as keeping the cost down, this ready-to-go approach helps you steer clear of mess – and stress! Ideal for busy days when drill dust and glue stains are not top of your list!

Smart designs for every space 

Kitchens are a space to eat, cook and entertain and with KitchenIn, you can create a layout to suit your lifestyle. There’s a neat solution for your space in the high-quality KitchenIn range. Choose a genius Drawer Base Kitchen Cabinet to make the most of every inch. The wide selection of sizes gives scope for creativity while answering all your space-saving needs – perfect! Why not also enhance the functionality of your kitchen corners with a larger Corner Base Kitchen Cabinet? Great for making sure you’ve always got somewhere to work, no matter how busy the kitchen becomes!

We also love KitchenIn’s Wall Kitchen Cabinet Range. From classic wall units to elegant, curved models, they’re ideal for giving plain walls a sense of purpose. You’ll be impressed by all the extra space you can glean from such a simple addition! And don’t worry about tricky fittings: KitchenIn’s tool-less adjustable hanging brackets make sure every step is hassle-free!

If cluttered drawers are getting you down, a Smart Larder Kitchen Cabinet is your kitchen must. These statement pieces just magic up space while adding a much-needed dose of ease to everyday kitchen tasks. We all know that quality is in the details, and the adjustable larder legs and Silence 165° soft-close hinges make this the best sort of kitchen fix!

Colour palette 

What’s your interior style? Sleek white brought to life with bright accessories, or something snug and rustic? Whatever your look, KitchenIn’s range of colour options make it easy to find a unit tailored to your designs. Units are available in white, grey, anthracite or urban oak, so you’re sure to find the best fit for your space. Pure white units are the ultimate choice for minimalist luxe, while we can’t get enough of the clean, delicate texture in urban oak – its fresh colour is just right for summer! 

Create a kitchen that ticks all the boxes with a new standard kitchen unit. KitchenIn’s wide range helps you utilize every inch in a few quick, stress-free clicks. The unfussy frames and clean lines suit any style, while the cover-all-the-bases range of heights, widths and shelving arrangements means you can always find a unit to complete your layout. No messy fittings or complex installation, just click-together solutions perfect for every kitchen!

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