7 Essential Power Tools Every DIYer Should Have

If you love DIY projects in and around your home, you will love useful tools. 

Most DIYers visit a hardware store and invest in power tools they believe will help them to complete their tasks effectively therefore, it helps to know the type of tools you should have in your tool shed.

You might come across tasks you can complete yourself without requiring a specialist. Maybe your parents showed you how to use screws and bolts, drill, cut, shape, sand, grind, polish, paint, and more. You can make life easier when go right here to the experts to know the right power tool for the job.

Whilst you’re here reading this article, belt grinders and sanders will also be very useful in your purchasing process for completing and working on new exciting DIY projects.

At TN Robinson, they stock the best power tools and other electrical equipment, for residents all over the UK. 

Whether you’re new to DIY or have been DIYing for years, their team have experienced technicians who can help guide you on the ideal power tools you need.

Their electrical supply branches stock great power tools that can change how you perform DIY tasks.

Here, they let us in on the most essential power tools, every DIYer should own.

Cordless Drill

One of the most versatile power tools on the market. 

A cordless drill has become popular among technicians and homeowners who enjoy DIY projects and there are powerful batteries available that give this tool power. Especially those who are always one call away to have their service rendered to homeowners who seek help like installing cabinets, hanging light materials, installing casters, and etc. If you want to learn more, check out this website.

You can enjoy portability, comfort and power, as you drill holes and fasten screws with ease into plastic, wood, brick, concrete, metal and other materials.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t add this power tool to your collection of DIY tools. This is a powerful tool for everyday tasks like building a baby’s cot or building wardrobes. Most people who are experienced in DIY tasks recommend that your first power tool is a cordless drill. Additionally, it is vital to keep your power tools in top working condition so that they can always be relied upon for your projects. If your power tool needs maintenance or repair, consider seeking a professional industrial tool repair service for the best results. With regular maintenance and repairs, your power tools will last longer and remain valuable in your DIY endeavours.

Impact Driver

An impact driver will no doubt make a lasting impact on your DIY setup. 

Particular jobs are tough and even the best cordless drill driver may struggle to perform tasks such as installing roof and deck timbers, ceilings and shed construction, basically any job involving harder wood and the use of longer than usual screws that are widely manufactured. 

Such tasks require only one tool, the powerful and quick impact driver. 

An impact driver offers unmatched power, efficiency, speed, ease of use and accuracy, making it a power tool worth having. This power tool delivers controlled pulses that help drive screws straight into the toughest materials.

Electric Sander

A sander is ideal for small and tight areas thanks to its precision. 

You can use the sander to remove paint and smooth rough wooden edges. 

To increase its usability on various surfaces, you can purchase a variety of sanding belts and sheets.

Nail gun with air compressor

Nail guns are useful for numerous DIY jobs, but when they are coupled with an air compressor, their usefulness is unparalleled. This combination is a must-have. 

Given the option, fewer people would prefer using a hammer compared to using a nail gun. Purchase a nail gun and find an excellent air compressor. You’ll perform your DIY projects effortlessly, faster and cleanly. Visit our electrical supply store or contact us for this great power tool combination.


Despite its cheap price and small size, a jigsaw is actually a very useful DIY power tool. You might find yourself in need of a tool to cut a thin accurate curved line or carve detail into plastic, wood or metal. 

If this sounds like something you do, the Jigsaw is the tool for you. This power tool can cut decorations into lightweight materials, since it allows you to cut intricate angled shapes, patterns and curved profiles.

Circular saw

This versatile, high-powered hand-held tool is another must-have DIY power tool. 

The tool allows you to cut rigid, smooth controlled lumber cuts for Decks, shelving and floorboards. A circular saw is also great for cutting plywood.

If you’re unsure on which type of saw you need for a certain project, you may refer to this precise finish carpentry saw guide.

Electric Planer

At some point, you may need to trim, shave or smooth wooden surfaces on structures you’ve constructed. Instead of a hand planer, an electric planer offers speed, precision and efficiency. 

Maybe you’ve noticed an expanded door or uneven joists that don’t necessarily need a carpenter. This tool will perfectly level out and smoothen these surfaces.

It is easy to understand why these are must-have essential DIY power tools. Whether you’re a novice or expert, they are all very useful.

At TN Robinson they supply all the above tools in their electrical supply branches, aiming to change how you perform your DIY projects, with high-quality power tools. 

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.