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‘Beautiful’ has taken on a new meaning in recent years. No longer confined to the aesthetic, ‘beauty’ now refers to values and benevolence, good-will and sustainability. A beautiful product is kind to the environment and careful in its production. Put simply: it must do good as well as look good. ticks both boxes. A sustainability focused home textile brand based in Copenhagen, take a considerate approach to producing elegant textiles that bring a touch of sophistication to any home interior. From breezily light bed linen to colourful kitchen fabrics, create stylish essentials you (and your home) are sure to love. 

All products are made from linen, a natural textile renowned for its plurality of benefits. It is, first and foremost, superb for your family’s wellbeing. Absorbent, allergen-free and anti-microbial, it is kind to even the most sensitive of skin types. Linen is also wonderfully easy to take care of (it doesn’t need dry cleaning and you can choose whether to iron it or not – yay!) and, unlike cotton, becomes softer with each wash. A gift from Mother Nature that just keeps on giving!

Whether you prefer pops of colour or something more subtle, offer a lovely range of swatches which can be easily adapted to suit any interior style. Take kitchens, for instance, which can quickly appear drained and weary due to their constant use. We all like simple style updates, and a gorgeous piece from will breathe fresh Nordic ease to any well-used kitchen space. Its absorbent qualities make it a natural choice for tea towels and tablecloths, and its beautiful, rippling drape create angel-like folds perfect for instant luxe.

Browsing’s colour swatch library will leave you spoilt for choice; from softly muted shades to patterned, party-perfect pieces, there’s a tone to complement every colour scheme. The Ice Grey Tablecloth and Napkins are top amongst our favourites. Serene grey the colour of dove’s wings, they make a quiet statement in any space.

Pinky Coral, meanwhile, is the colour for maximalist – its funky presence injects instant cool vibes into dull dining rooms.’s quality tablecloths are infinitely adaptable (why not try using them as an ultra-stylish picnic blanket?) and can be custom ordered to fit tables of any size and shape. 

Cohesive colour palettes are what set apart. Their products are made to be used in combination – the possibilities to mix and match are endless. Partnering neutral tones with stylish patterns is an easy way to reawaken rooms with warmth and personality. We like to sit’s Striped Napkins on a plain tablecloth. Why not try seagrass placemats to continue the nautical theme?

Linen is ideal for bedrooms, too. Quality bed linen is essential – you can’t sleep soundly without it. ticks both boxes. With its high absorbency and thermo-regulating qualities, it helps to increase air flow and regulate your body temperature. And, with linen becoming softer with every wash, you know you’re going to sleep on velvet-smooth sheets night after night.  

Dreamy is the only way we can describe’s bedroom range. Their bed sheets are custom made in any size or colour, giving you complete creative liberty to find the perfect piece for your room. Whether you are looking for calming colours or bedding with a touch of cool, linen is the way to effortless bedroom beauty. Take Nordic Moss – its foliage-like shade is perfect for creating a personal oasis and can be easily updated with pink accessories or rose gold furniture. 

We all want to buy from earth-friendly brands, and’s strict sustainable standards mean that you are investing in textiles you can trust.

The flax plant, of which linen is made, is kind to the environment as it requires little water and few pesticides. It is also impressively durable for such a featherweight textile – it lasts for years and stays in great condition wash after wash. And, even when linen products are discarded, its natural biodegradability means it’s still a wonderful choice for eco-conscious home owners. have a gorgeous range of eco essentials to help you reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on style. For country cottage vibes with a touch of class, try’s linen bread bags (the rounded corners are a thoughtful addition and stop crumbs from getting lodged inside).

The Tote bag is another great choice; combining durability with timeless luxe, they are a staple for every eco-conscious shopper.

Linen is a classic, time-tested choice. It has been used by Danish families for centuries, passed down from grandmothers to daughters, taking pride of place during decades of mealtimes. respect linen’s properties and work with the natural fibres to create lovingly produced, sustainably crafted textiles that are beautiful in every way.   

Ellie Loxton

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