Create the Garden of Your Dreams in 2021

Decorating our home and its interior is a gratifying pastime for many people worldwide. Taking time to plan every minute detail ensures that each colour matches while allowing some to stand out and ensure that your flare and personality shine through. The same can be said when changing and doing-up your garden. While this is not a job that is done in the winter months we are presently faced with, we are confident that some of you out there will already be planning how to change things up when the weather becomes brighter and warmer. If you are one of these people, you are in the right place! We have a list of ways to change your garden in 2021, with each suggestion affordable to a variety of different budgets, perfect after the tough year we have just been through. Get your planning book to hand and read on for more inspiration! 

Painting or Staining Your Fences

This job is undoubtedly one that should be done on a day with warm and dry weather; you don’t want all your hard work melted by a rain shower! Giving your fences a bit of TLC is sure to give your garden as a whole a bit of a facelift and is a really great place to start when wanting to do up your garden. If your current fence is old enough and would like to start fresh, you can contact fence contractors and see if you find a new and maybe even more suitable option.

Starting from the outskirts of your garden and working your way in will ensure that you are not messing up any of your previous hard work and will make choosing plants and flowers a lot easier; you will be able to decide if you want them to stand out against the colour of the fence, or blend in.

Paint gives life to your garden. With proper exterior painting and extensive gardening resources, you can give your garden a better look.

You could even choose a colour that you could match with any decking you have, or even with a garden shed. This leads us to our next suggestion.

Garden Sheds

Garden sheds are abundant in gardens across the country and the wider world. Whether you want a garden shed to turn into a bar – quite popular with a lot of people throughout lockdown – or for the more traditional place of storing garden equipment, there are sheds big and small available to suit your needs. Furthermore, sheds are available at a range of prices, meaning there is something available to fit whatever budget you are on. Shedstore is an example of a company that specialises in garden sheds and has a huge selection of wooden sheds available. If you are interested in looking at the huge selection of wooden sheds or simply want to find out more about how you can make a garden shed fit in your gardening plans, head to their website for further information! What’s more, you can even choose a shed that will match your fencing’s existing colour scheme or select one that will be easy to stain or paint so that it does match with the rest of your garden. But if the budget’s a bit tight, rest assured you could still build your own DIY shed fit to your needs.

Plants and Flowers

The staple in any garden, these are the components that truly make a difference to how your garden atmosphere comes across. Are you going for a more refined garden, or would you prefer to have a more-overgrown, exotic feel? The choices are endless, with thousands of different flowers and plants to choose from. The one thing to consider is the times of year that the plants and flowers look their best, and the ideal conditions for which to keep them; if you are a person who works a lot, you probably won’t want to spend all of your free time tending to your garden. If you are a pet parent, you will want to make sure that you have a designated area for your cat or dog to do their business in, so you might want to consider having a cat or dog fencing. No one wants to find their prized flowers having been dug up to make room for Snuffles! 

Patio and Decking

Another vital component of most gardens, particularly if you are looking to create a designated place to sit with family and friends – when COVID allows, of course. Ensuring that you have a comfy and practical place to sit outside will save you from bringing any excess dirt or mud inside with you! Not to mention, you can spend time choosing through the different types of patio slabs and decking that you would like to invest in. Having a patio and decking in your garden brings an essence of elegance to the area and is a lot easier to maintain than an entire garden that is full of grass and mud. Sitting on the patio with your loved ones on a warm summer evening just can’t be beaten and is certainly something to look forward to as we head in 2021. 

Garden Furniture

On the back of our previous suggestion, we feel that this is undoubtedly a decision in the planning process that can be a whole lot of fun! Spending an afternoon at the local garden centre trying out all the chairs is an enjoyable activity and one that you can do with the whole family to get them involved in the process. Select garden furniture that will fit with the rest of your theme, or only purchase a dream piece of furniture you have had your eye on. The choice is entirely yours!

What’s more, this would work excellently in tandem with having a garden shed, as you would have somewhere to store the precious furniture when the weather takes a turn or while you are away from your property.

Overall, that being said, it is crucial to enjoy the experience and let your creativity flow! There is no right or wrong way to style your garden. It is your canvas and an extension of your home, so go wild! Whether you want to branch out and include a child’s play area packed with equipment or make room for an extra bit of driveway or a conservatory. Plan well and research around for ideas, and your dream garden will be taking shape in no time!

Eve Crabtree

Eve Crabtree is a journalist with a passion for interior design. She keeps up to date with the latest trends in the interior industry and regularly tests her hand at crafting and redecorating during her spare time.