Perfect Your Bathroom with Amtico

When it comes to news about potential water damage to your floor that could lead to damaging other areas of the house, the bathroom is the one room that poses the biggest threat.

It can be from gaps in your shower curtain to slightly overrunning the bathtub, water will pose as big a threat to your floor as it does to yourself slipping on it. If you notice signs of water damage in your home, it is crucial to contact a water damage restoration company at once.

So when remodelling your bathroom for the very best, you should choose Amtico luxury wood effect vinyl flooring for a securer and no fuss alternative to hardwood flooring.

Benefits Over the Real Thing

We all like to have authenticity within our homes and usually replicated products give a cheaper feel and look, but Amtico has perfected their product to perfectly replicate wood or stone flooring that you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between them.

By choosing between light or dark woods or any other look you have in mind, you can reduce the risks associated with the real thing almost completely and cut down on costs at the same time, even so far as installation due to vinyl’s relative ease in it.

With real wood flooring, there’s always the lurking risk of rotting wood or water seeping through the boards. A colleague once shared their ordeal after discovering a minor leak in their Boca Raton home; what seemed insignificant at first escalated quickly, leading to extensive water damage. They credited their swift recovery to a relative who worked with a mold inspection Boca Raton company, catching the issue before mold could take hold. This story really underscores the benefits of vinyl flooring’s technological advancements in protecting against moisture. Not only is the product safeguarded, but so is everything surrounding it, including underfloor heating systems, which remain secure against any temperature fluctuations that could otherwise cause planks or tiles to warp or become uneven.

Protective Measures

Even the cheapest Amtico flooring does not compromise on overall quality, and it works to better protect itself as much as yourself.

With anti slip technologies you can be assured that any water will not provide a slip or fall upon exiting the bath or shower. Vinyl flooring also works to provide protection against scratches and stains and is considered the easiest product to maintain on the market.

A simple occasional mop without the use of specialised cleaning products keeps your floor looking amazing, whether in your bathroom or living room.

Damage is so rare though that the warranty on vinyl runs between 20 to 30 years which is stunning dedication to the overall quality it provides.

Designing your bathroom you can find many different variations on the market, with Amtico being the nation’s number one provider in anything from Signature Woods to Abstract to Amtico Spacia, leaving you with what you want at a lower cost and longer lifespan.

When it comes to comfort in the bathroom, we recommend that you choose Amtico.

Anabel Cooper

Anabel is a graduate of King’s College London and upon graduating, she set out on a journey to inspire and empower women through her words. Besides working as a digital marketing expert, Anabel is a freelance copywriter.