What is the Best Stick Vacuum for Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors are versatile and natural-looking, making them a favourite among homeowners. The timeless floors can last for decades when they are maintained well making your house feel like a home. It does not matter whether your floors have been recently installed or have been in your home for many years, hardwood floor maintenance and hardwood floor sanding is essential. Even so, cleaning hard floors with regular vacuums can be challenging with the results being unsatisfactory for many homeowners. In most cases, the vacuums only clean the dirt on the surface, leaving dust particles behind which is why hiring hardwood floor cleaning services is recommended.

Luckily, stick vacuums that are designed for cleaning hardwood floors are available for the benefit of homeowners. These vacuums can clean deeply removing dirt, hair, dust and even allergens on the floor. 

How to choose a stick vacuum?

Buying a stick vacuum is inevitable for homeowners with hardwood floors and want to keep them maintained for many years. However, to enjoy the benefits provided by the vacuums, it is essential to select the most suitable one. Some of the things to keep in mind when shopping for a stick vacuum are listed below.

Battery life

Stick vacuums need to power up for an extended period for them to effectively clean hardwood floors. To achieve running times of between fifteen minutes to half an hour, you need to buy a vacuum powered by lithium or lithium-ion batteries.  These batteries charge faster and last for more extended periods. 

Battery life is a critical factor to consider when assessing the efficiency of cordless vacuums. To ensure continuous cleaning power and extended runtime, it’s worth noting that The Dyson v6 battery replacement is compatible all V6 Vacuums.

Noise level 

Vacuum cleaners produce noise while cleaning, which varies in terms of decibels. Regular vacuum cleaners have noise levels of between seventy and eighty decibels which is quite low.  It is therefore advisable to find a stick vacuum whose noise level is at sixty-five or below. 

Top 5 stick vacuums for your hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are easy to clean when you have the right tools with you. Stick vacuums are the best machines for maintaining a hardwood floor irrespective of its location in the home. These specialized vacuum cleaners help get rid of dirt on various surfaces better than regular brooms. If you are looking to buy a stick vacuum for your hardwood floor, the list below will guide you in selecting the most suitable one. 

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is designed specifically for hardwood floors, then the Dyson Cyclone V10 is your best choice. The vacuum cleaner is the best combination of convenience and power, making it worth the investment. Some of its key features include multiple power modes which guarantee users’ availability of the right type of power when they need it. The vacuum can also last up to an hour without a motorized tool attached to it. Storage of the cordless vacuum is done on a wall-mounted dock which is also the place in which it recharges ready for the next job. Additionally, the stick vacuum can transform into a handheld device and back to its original structure with a single click. 

MOSOO Vacuum Cleaner

Lightweight vacuums are prevalent in most households with hard floors making the MOOSOO version a favorite of many. The stick vacuum which weighs below three pounds can run continuously for thirty minutes and is excellent for cleaning hard floors without straining the hands or arms. It has a dual power mode, namely standard and maximum that allows users to comfortably deep clean hard floors, leaving them spotless. The HEPA filter on the vacuum ensures that all dust particles are captured, leaving the air in the room clean. Additionally, the bagless vacuum is sold with extra accessories such as a crevice nozzle, soft brush roller, motorized brush roll and dusting brush. 

Dirt Devil Versa 3 in 1

The Dirt Devil Versa stick vacuum is the best choice for anyone looking for a powerful machine at an affordable price. The lightweight vacuum cleaner can reach hard to reach places, thus making cleaning the entire floor a walk in the park. Some of the features that make the stick vacuum cleaner stand out include are that it is quite versatile when compared to others. For smaller messes, the cleaning tool can convert to a handheld vacuum which can reach tight spaces. Additionally, its 3 in 1 combination makes it ideal for cleaning hardwood floors, rugs and carpeted areas, among others. 

Hoover Linx vacuum

The Hoover Linx is one of the most popular stick vacuum cleaners because of its exceptional performance. Its power which is attributed to its fade-free lithium batteries makes it similar or better than regular vacuums. The batteries make it possible for the lightweight vacuum to run for a more extended period than others in its category. Besides, the powerful battery, the vacuum is also user-friendly as all its controls are on the handle for easier access. It is also easier to monitor the battery level of the machine as the gauge is on the handle as well. Although the Hoover Linx vacuum has no extra attachments, it is still one of the most affordable cleaning vacuums in the market.  

ONSON Cordless vacuum

Buying vacuum from well-known brands can sometimes make you miss out on great stick vacuums from less known companies. The ONSON cordless vacuum is one such brand that is not so popular but offers excellent services to homeowners looking for a powerful machine. The lightweight vacuum has a remarkable battery life that allows it to run for an extended period when cleaning hard floors. Also, it is easy to assemble and is quiet while working, making it a sought after vacuum for those with hardwood floors. 

Overall, hardwood floors need cleaning regularly so that they maintain their original look. It is therefore essential to put the effort into finding the right stick vacuum that gives a powerful performance. Also, the cost of the stick vacuum cleaner should be within budget and have extra attachments to achieve deep cleaning on your hardwood floors over and over again.  

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