Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is an amazing option for a beautiful backyard and to enjoy a lush grassy layer wherever you want regardless of how the surface is under the grass. It is also considered more eco-friendlier than the normal natural grass as it doesn’t require watering, fertilizers or mowing. Best suited for places were growing natural grass is either not possible or very difficult and requires too much effort. However, nothing is perfect so there are a bunch of cons as well which explains the natural beauty of natural grass of course.

Let’s shed some light on the pros and cons of artificial grass, which will help you buy the right quality of artificial grass.

Pros of Artificial Grass

1. No Toxicity

Well you don’t use any harsh chemicals or poisonous materials to keep your garden weed free. Also, no allergies will be arising as it is an artificial product so you can easily roam around without the fear of grass pollens. So, it gives no toxicity in your environment while you can freely breath and enjoy being in your backyard.

2. High Durability

No doubt artificial grass is highly durable as it can absorb high and low temperatures and can withstand every type of torture almost. And we can’t forget to mention that artificial grass is always stain resistant and the colors won’t fade away sooner as well.

3. Water Conservation

It is the biggest pros for artificial grass as it is contributing in water conservation highly when people need to save water for the future. Natural grass obviously requires a lot of watering on a regular basis while your state is making efforts to tighten water restrictions so it is a best option to go for.

4. Beautiful Appearance

And this one of course a very good point where you cannot even tell if a grass is artificial or no. New technologies make artificial grass looks very similar to the natural grass that nobody can guess it is fake.

5. Low Maintenance

As artificial grass is not real, it requires way less care than real grass. You don’t need to cut nor do you need to water it. This helps you enjoy the greenery without worrying too much about maintenance. Just do the little checks and that’s it.

6. No Need of Fertilizers

According to pest control minneapolis, you don’t need to keep pests out with fertilizers as it is artificial grass. This saves you time, energy and money.


1. Temperature

The major problem with artificial grass comes with variation in temperature where surface heat makes it impossible to walk over the grass. However, natural grass has water inside it which creates a cooling effect allowing you to walk over the grass at any time of the day in any season.

2. High Cost

Artificial grass is way more expensive than the natural grass during installation as you need ground preparations and proper irrigation systems to have control over temperature factor. Also, it cost per square foot so larger the area, the more it will cost. But its low maintenance.

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