5 Bathroom Remodels That Will Instantly Increase Your Home Value

Bathroom remodelling is one of the sure-fire investments that have high returns. Because people spend most of their time at home in the bathroom, they would like it to be more inviting and engaging rather than having the usual boring components. Most home buyers will decide to buy your house based on the status of the bathroom and kitchen.

Bathroom remodelling is one of the quickest ways to sell your house in the property market. The average amount of money spent on remodelling a bathroom is about £5000. You can recoup this amount and massive profits upon selling your house. Here are five bathrooms remodels that will increase your home value:

1. Upgrade your shower

Replacing the old shower with the modern walk-in shower has many benefits because it provides easy access for anyone with mobility issues, household pets, and even older adults. The shower head should also be replaced because like all water appliances; it loses its original colour due to deposition and reaction with lime. A new shower will make your bathroom look refreshing and inviting.

You cannot allow your shower walls to remain covered with mildew, deeply-stained grout, and unattractive tiles because nobody would buy your house in this condition! New shower surrounds, and shower doors can help you solve this problem. You should always use a professional such as those at royalflushsa.com.au/hot-water-systems-adelaide/ for any hot water maintenance, repairs, or installations.

2. Install a second sink

Installing a second sink may be considered unnecessary and a waste of money. But if you have only one bathroom in your home and you also have a large family, then you will realise the importance of an extra sink.

A second sink is easy to install even if you do not have enough space within the bathroom. You can install a double basin that connects to the same water pipe if you do not have a large bathroom. This bathroom remodels could increase your home value by a huge percentage.

3. Update the Bathroom paint colour

The bathroom paint may be the deciding feature that makes a buyer leave or take your property. You ought to make the bathroom a special place; an inviting space where people come to do more than just wash up. It should be a place where people see themselves indulge in some relaxation time whilst feeling at ease. You can use neutral colours such as whites, creams, blacks, and deep blue when remodelling your bathroom. Using colours such as pink may not go well with some buyers so stick to the neutral colours.

4. Make Space

It is ironical that the bathroom is the most frequently used room in the house yet it is usually the smallest. If you can extend your bathroom, then that would be a great idea. Increasing the bathroom space will raise the value of your home.

However, if it will be so costly to achieve this, you can avoid extending the bathroom and instead create another one on a different side of the house. The new bathroom can help reduce traffic to the old bathroom and therefore boost the value of your home.

You can also increase floor space and make the room appear larger by installing shelves on the bathroom walls. Adding a brighter texture to the ceiling will draw the eyes up making the room look more spacious.

5. Add a cabinet for storage

People use various items in the bathroom including hair products, beauty creams, shaving kits, toilet rolls, treasured perfumes and medicine among other things. Sometimes you end up lacking enough space to store these items within the bathroom where they can be easily accessed whenever you want to use them. Adding a cabinet in the bathroom can help solve the problem of leaving items all over the room. With a cabinet, your bathroom will be tidy, and your items will rarely get misplaced. Apart from the kitchen, the bathroom is the room that can help you receive excellent returns on investment when you want to sell a house. You should focus on making the bathroom as welcoming and convincing as possible to lure potential home buyers!

Diana Simpson

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