Our Predictions When it Comes to Interior Trends for 2019

The winter months often feel like the right time to refresh our homes and interiors. With many long dark nights spent indoors, there’s plenty of opportunity to reflect on current home styling choices as well as seeking out ideas and inspiration for chic new looks.

Speaking with Cindy Fuller, Founder of Designs Direct; the service that offers the expertise of interior designers for 80% less of the traditional cost, here are the top decor trends of 2019:

Mixing Metals

Rose gold is out and in its place has come a passion for mixing metals has surfaced, such as mixing brass, gold and copper giving a warm feel to metal in the home. Looks great with rough timber or brick.

Home Bars

These puppies have seen a huge resurgence in the last couple of years but will become ever more popular as they come into there own when friends and relatives visit. That’ll be a dry white wine for us, please!


Blush pink, Millennial pink or a moody shade of pink, it’s the new neutral for a lot of homes. It’s a versatile colour, lending itself to green, navy and black.

Jewel Tones

These colours are going to be big! If you are going to use these tones, own it. Go big or go home. They make a real statement in your home. Use neutral colours to soften them.

Floral Patterns

Use on walls, ceilings, fabrics and floors. Florals will prevail in 2019. Larger floral patterns will also be huge, excuse the pun. If you feel that an entire wall of florals is ott, try large floral stickers to make a statement.


We sometimes wonder if velvet was ever really out. It’s a luxe fabric for beds, sofas, chairs and cushions. The internet search for velvet has seen a 400% rise in the last six months alone…that should tell you how coveted velvet become!

Diana Simpson

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