Designers Trick To Transform Your Home

Using texture in interior design will bring the décor of a room together and is a powerful finishing tool when redecorating. According to the Cormar Carpet Company, texture makes a room pop and is a simple way to turn a space from ordinary into extra-ordinary. Without it, homeowners run the risk of rooms looking flat and lacking warmth.

Contrast is essential as it brings depth to the room. This look works well in a fairly monochromatic colour palette to create a sense of harmony.

So how do you begin adding texture to your interior scheme?

Get the basics right

Texture doesn’t always need to come from accessories. Get creative with the fundamentals of a room décor: the floor. Today’s carpets come in lots of different textures from rustic twist piles, to textured loop piles and the current trend for ultra-soft, lustrous deep pile carpets, which makes it important to choose the appropriate carpet cleaning san diego services according to the texture.

Ideal for relaxing and cosy spaces, in particular the living room or bedroom, super soft, silky, deep pile carpets have instant fashion appeal, offer sumptuous comfort underfoot and are a great contrast against hard flooring.

Add cosiness and draw the eye

The easiest way to add texture in the home is through fabrics and textiles. Soft furnishings in a variety of textures (velvets, silks, knits) can make a big impact when displayed together. Smaller pieces like throws and cushions can be easily moved or replaced.

Multiple textural elements bring the room to life

Playing with different textures creates a contemporary chic look. Combine a super soft carpet with a metal table and greenery for an intriguing contrast. Rustic textures make a space feel more intimate and cosy while smooth textures bring a sleeker more sophisticated tone to the room.

Choose key pieces

Layer textures by choosing carefully selected furniture. A single chair in a warm colour or plush upholstered bed can be a real focal point.

Accessorising accents

Use wood and textiles – things that have pattern and movement – as they are interesting to touch but also interesting to look at. They make a room cosy especially when teamed with a wool loop pile carpet like Malabar Two Fold in Tungsten (pictured left). Plants – real or artificial – are also a great way to add unexpected texture to a space.

Less is often more

Don’t overload the area with conflicting sensations. The key is balance. If you don’t have enough textured pieces, a room can feel cold and clinical. Too many, and the space can feel cluttered and busy.

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