Why Your Dining Chairs are the Most Important Part of the Kitchen and Dining Room

When you consider furniture and accessories for your kitchen or dining room, there are a number of things most people would put above chairs. The lighting, the floor, the table or breakfast bar, and even the wall color. These are all important, but in reality, the chairs you choose have a far more profound effect than most other factors, and here is why! Explore the versatility and practicality of folding chair in bulk options, adding convenience and style to your seating choices.


One of the most important things chairs can do for a room is to show personality. They are a critical part of the colour-way of the room be it in terms of colour blocking, matching or popping. They are a chance to show some of what you are and your tastes.

A table is important but the chairs around it, such as those from chair rentals las vegas, can say much more about you! Choosing bold colours can be really important. It is not to say you have to go crazy but strong colours can really work.

Consider chairs upholstered in stunning designer fabric like those from Cheeky Chairs as they can really turn heads and make an impression. However, they can also be something you get pleasure from each day, the beauty of a great set of chairs will bring more to a room than most other things.


What bit of furniture are you most physically connected with in a dining room or kitchen…?

Well, technically it is the floor but in reality you spend the most time in contact with the chairs. It is not just your bottom that touches the chairs either, you pull them out with your hands, lean on then with your arms and of course spend a great deal of time with your back in contact with them. It is because of this level of contact that choosing chairs that are comfortable is so important.

But it doesn’t stop with just your comfort.

If you ever have guests then how comfortable your chairs are will affect how they feel when they are in your home. A dinner party will go a lot better if the guests are comfy. No matter how great a chair looks, if it is not nice to sit on and touch then guests will subconsciously leave earlier than they would have if they had been comfortable.

Chair makers like Sitting Firm go to great lengths to make sure their chairs are perfect to sit on and this should be something everyone considers when buying chairs. Remember the previous point about high quality fabrics too, comfort is not all about upholstery and seat shape. It is also about the texture of the material and how good it feels to the touch.

Hard Working

If you think about all the bits of furniture you may have in your home you kitchen chairs probably work the hardest. If you have a family they become homework seating, kids dinner seating, adult dinner seating, dinner party seating, seating for coffee chats, breakfast, lunch and so much more. Many people find themselves doing that extra bit of work in the evening and guess where they sit? On the kitchen chairs. So buying quality is really important, cheap chairs may be uncomfortable, but they may also simply not be able to stand the pressures of a modern kitchen.

Spending more on chairs to get quality is worthwhile as the saying goes “buy cheap; buy twice”. With something that get used as often as chairs or kitchen bar stools the investment is logical and important.

The moral of the story is never underestimate how important the chair is and how hard it has to work. It can make a room, it can bring style and substance to the interior design theme of your room and that is why it is worth spending time thinking carefully about chairs. But it’s not just the look, remember comfort and how it effects guests and even you when you have to sit on them to work of an evening.

Shop around, do not settle and be brave with your chair choice!

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