Transform Your Kitchen in to a Pinterest-Worthy Space

Pinterest is the home of genius ideas. If you haven’t yet, do yourself a favour and take a little scroll through Pinterest-especially the home decor tags – you’ll be left mesmerized by the interesting, yet simple concepts that have a way of completely transforming a space. Luckily, you no longer have to wish your home looked as perfect, because some of the ideas are so simple, that they can easily be implemented into your current space.

Take your kitchen, for example. As they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home, the whole family and even the guests seem to congregate in the kitchen because it’s usually the place where all the action goes down. Food is being prepared, wine is being consumed and it’s the ideal place (for women, especially), to chit-chat away from the kids and their men.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have a kitchen that’s filled with character and special touches, seeing as it’s one of the most popular places to spend time in? We assure you, transforming the space won’t be a challenging task, in fact, it’s quite simple: just a few touch ups, simple kitchen remodeling projects and new additions, and your kitchen will look like it had a face-lift! We believe it’s important to create a kitchen that’s welcoming, comfortable and features as a core space in the home, and that’s why we’ve created the perfect guide when having a kitchen remodeling project to achieve a Pinterest inspired kitchen.

Firstly it’s important to start with the basics and slowly work your way through the changes. See this as a continuous project, and not an overnight change. This will ensure special attention is paid to each element, and will also allow you to step back and recognize what needs to be tackled next, and how exactly you’re going to go about it. You don’t want to strip the kitchen of its current look, all in one go, as you’re going to need to use the utensils, appliances and space, on a daily basis. If you’re currently having a renovation project, you might want to consider a temporary suspended ceiling system so that you can still use your space while having a construction project.

Improve the Lighting

The lighting of any space in your home is extremely important, whether it be natural or artificial light. This element brings life to a room and especially a kitchen. Because the kitchen can sometimes look fairly ‘clinical’, especially if you have white cupboard doors, you want to liven it up with light and colour. Draw back the curtains, and if your kitchen doesn’t have windows, introduce a skylight or just add down-lights, to improve this element. A kitchen should never look and feel dull and gloomy, and the best way to avoid this is to add some warmth, through light.

Get Rid of Things Cluttering the Workspace/Counters

Without us even realising, we can clutter our kitchen with things we don’t need urgently, or at all. But, the appliances or utensils stay in their ‘rightful place’, because they have always been there and we don’t think twice about whether we need them or not. Most of the appliance or utensils on your kitchen counter, you won’t need urgently, and should either be packed away in the cupboard, or it should be thrown away-or sold. The one element that’s easily noticeable on Pinterest, is the minimalistic style of the kitchens. The work-spaces are not cluttered, and there’s hardly ever visible equipment; only features that add prettiness and character. Clearing what you don’t need will cause the space to appear more open and ‘clean’, and will give the other, special features, space to shine.

Add Feature Elements

This is the part where you can get creative, and add a splash of colour and character to your kitchen. One piece of advice we can give you, before detailing the kinds of features you should consider, is to pick a recurring colour or ‘theme’ for your kitchen. Once you have decided on this, add items that are all this colour, or fit into the chosen theme. This will create unity and will definitely get Pinterest’s tick of approval. We advise you to choose items such as flowers, small pot plants, a bowl of fruit (yes this can be a feature-think of all red apples, that complement the rest of the red items you have incorporated), art, ornaments or books.

Add Seating if Possible

Seating is vital, especially when the kitchen is the favoured place to gather. What’s also useful about seating is that it turns the counter into a multi-purpose place. The family can eat breakfast there in the mornings, and it can also be used as a homework workplace, or a place to quickly work on your laptop while sipping on some morning coffee. This addition surprisingly also adds to the homeliness of the space as well as adding character. If you’re smart, you’ll choose furniture that ties in with the rest of the feature elements- choosing the colour and the style, with everything else in mind.

Fix Old Appliances instead of Replacing Them

This may not necessarily affect the look of your kitchen, however, it can when you’ve built the cupboards around the appliances. With the stove and possibly the fridge too, these appliances fit snug into its rightful spot, and it would quite literally be a nightmare to try and find the perfect alternative, that fits and looks awesome. So, instead of putting yourself in a sticky position when the appliance decides to break, rather call technicians to fix your kitchen appliances. Most of the time we’ve grown to love our appliances, and replacing them is the last thing we want to do!

Hayden Myers

Hayden is a new mother, dog lover, travel enthusiast, and writer. She is a born South African who’s world has been turned upside down by the surprise of her daughter, Cassidy. Hayden has always had a passion for diarising her life and now with more time at home than expected, she started to write stories/articles about the things she learnt through the years. Her aim is to share tips and Ideas that could benefit those who find interest in her work.