A Few Brilliant Tricks to Make a Dark Bedroom Brighter

When you are stuck with a bedroom that does not get a good amount of natural light, it can be hard to set a good tone for the room. No one wants to feel like they are in a dungeon, so it is nice to come up with subtle ways to brighten it up!

We do not all have the luxury of being able to undertake large renovations, so it is good to consider the additional options to make a space feel bright and enjoyable to be in. For all of the time that we spend in our homes, a few small investments in changes are perfect for brightening a dark space!

Keep your décor neutral

If you are investing in new furniture or bedding, it’s wise to stick to white or other light hues to brighten up your space! White is a great way to bounce the existing light around the room rather than absorb it like dark woods may be. There are infinite options for white bedding that will make your space feel like a luxurious space to spend time relaxing.

If you are looking to keep things modern, using lucite furniture is an easy way to add visibility, allow light to shine through, and give a unique illumination to the room.

Add soft lighting

This is a bit of a no-brainer: add additional lighting to your space. If you cannot have natural light, you can use extra table lamps, overhead lights and sconces to add a light, bright feel to your bedroom. Cox & Cox has fabulous options for making a room feel like new again. Be sure to grab bright white lampshades where possible, too, as a cream or darker color will change the way the light appears, and allow less light through. Ensure that you space the lights throughout the room, rather than keeping them clustered or having a single light source. This will make the lighting more efficient across the room.

Along these lines, you want to be sure that you are using the right light bulbs for your lighting fixtures. Using the highest wattage allowable for your fixtures, as well as swapping out your bulbs for LED lights, is a great way to increase brightness! When you’re using overhead lighting, aiming your light upward is a nice way to increase light without having a shining glare in your face.

Paint your walls

This is the quickest way to transform any room, but particularly one that feels overly glum. If you have dark, dull paint on the walls, it will surely give that vibe off to the rest of the space. By painting walls a light, neutral hue, and keeping the number of accent colors to a minimum, you will instantly add a fresh feel to your bedroom.

That being said, selecting a cool white with blue undertones rather than a warm one is a nice way to balance colors and keep the walls from leaning yellow. A cooler white will look crisp and fresh rather than soft and worn.

Add a large rug

By covering darker floors with a lighter rug, you will give the illusion of brightness! Runners are good to line hallway areas or other unique spaces, and they break up clumps of dark areas. Pick an option that is of a neutral color, or select a jute fabric or something similar that gives a lighter feel. Either way you go, you want to avoid busy patterns and excessive color.

Consider mirrors

At Cox and Cox, you can get your hands on beautiful large or small mirrors, good for bouncing light around your room and make the space feel larger as an added bonus! This does not just apply to wall mirrors, but also works well with mirrored furniture or table mirrors.

If you are lucky enough to have a window in your room that gets a good deal of natural light, it is useful to place the mirror opposite from it so you maximize the light that comes through!

There are numerous opportunities to add light to a space, and most of them require very little investment. By following even one of these simple suggestions, you can make a room feel like it is brand new! If you want to be bold, choosing a number of these will completely brighten and update your space.

Amanda Robbins

Amanda Robbins is a blogger for her own site Fashionably Clearance. She has a background in PR and communications, working for a global health nonprofit by day. Amanda adores the perfect blush manicure, long weekends away and getting an unbelievable deal.