How Decorating Your Home With the Right Plants Can Improve Your Health

It’s no secret that plants lend a cleansing energy to any space, purifying the air around us to create a more hygienic and attractive atmosphere. In fact, any interior decorator worth their salt knows that incorporating house plants into a home is an enduring trend that goes far beyond its aesthetic merits. And if you’re interested in finding out what else plants have to offer apart from being pretty to look at, then read on.

They Purify the Air:

Indoor plants like English Ivy and the Purple heart purify the air by actively absorbing harmful chemicals that emanate from ordinary household items like couches, appliances and carpets. These amazing plants usually have a tough and rubbery texture with a smooth finish, and oval shaped leaves. The air purifying abilities on these plants actually get better with time, leading to a cleaner environment that promotes energy, vigour and improved productivity and harmony in the home and at work.

Organic Air Fresheners:

Fragrant plants like the dwarf kaffir lime tree, can double as organic air fresheners. “Fill your home with fragrant aromas from jasmine, orchids and citrus plant to free your home from chemical-laden air fresheners”, advises Jeremy, interior decorator at sothebysrealty.

Accelerate Healing:

Ever wondered why people bring flowers and plants when visiting loved ones in hospital? Well, that’s because plants have the ability to accelerate healing, leading to a speedy recovery. In fact, plants are so effective at improving health that there is now a healing method known as Horticulture therapy, which encourages ailing patients to communicate with plants on a regular basis to improve their health.

Prevent Respiratory Illnesses:

Having indoor plants in the home is also great at preventing certain illnesses such as coughs, colds and respiratory diseases. That’s because house plants increase humidity through the process of photosynthesis, thus creating an atmosphere in which viruses and germs cannot thrive.

Reduce Stress:

Plants increase the flow of oxygen in the home, and the free flow of crisp air then reduces stress and increases energy. Those who work long hours will appreciate the relaxing properties of pants like Hawthorne, Linden and German Chamomile.

Improve Productivity:

Working in an environment with indoor plants typically increases ones productivity and improves concentration, thanks to an abundant availability of oxygen. Having plants in the office is also responsible for preventing counter productive ailments like headaches, fatigue, flu and fevers.

Increase Awareness:

Through their bright coluors and cleansing qualities, house plants promote an increased sense of awareness and focus. Studies have found that students taught in classrooms with plants showed better performance and improved attendance as opposed to students who studied in classrooms without plants.

Relaxing Sleep:

In the modern world, most people lead such busy lives that it can be hard to fall asleep at night due to the constant buzz of thoughts and mental energy. Plants like Jasmine and Lavender have long been touted as restful stress relievers, and they have an ability to greatly improve one’s quality of sleep.

Relieve Tension:

There’s nothing better than walking into a home that feels fresh and fragrant after a long day at work. Plants promote a more optimistic outlook on life and can aid in relieving daily stresses, loneliness and depression. Plus, the act of taking care of plants gives one a sense of meaning and purpose, especially knowing that plants are living organisms that can positively influence our environment when properly cared for. Plants that are easy to take care of while still providing tremendous healing abilities include aloe, snake plant, asparagus fern, English Ivy and the near indestructible cast-iron plant.


Ignite your flair for decorating with house plants and add a touch of natural harmony to your home. Fragrant lavender is perfect for the bedroom, or you could introduce a pop of colour to your living room with orchids, while enjoying the air purifying properties of the snake plant. Remember, the more plants you have the cleaner and more relaxed your home will feel, and with so many health benefits, it’s a no-brainer that plants are a must have in any indoor space.

Elena Tahora

Elena is a seasoned property investor and real estate agent. She is now working as marketing consultant whilst pursuing her passion for journalism.