Monsoon Launch At Home Fragrance Collection

Monsoon has been somewhat of a British institution since it first opened over 40 years ago. The founder, Peter Simon, returned from his life-changing adventures in Ibiza to pursue a new passion for beautiful, bohemian-inspired pieces and we’ve been in love ever since. After the success of his stall on Portobello Road he opened a store in Beauchamp Place and now has over 1000 Monsoon and Accessorize stores worldwide.

Specialising in artisan, hand-printed, hand-woven and crochet design details, Monsoon is synonymous with not only quality but individuality and they continue to stand out from other brands on the hight street.

Their successful home range has led to the development of a new fragrance line in the shape of diffusers and candles. Launched in June this year, you can find four enticing fragrances available in store and online, all of which can be purchased as a soothing candle or uplifting reed diffuser for £17.00.

Probably the most universally appealing scent of the range is the Seaspray & Cotton combination. Marrying an invigorating marine fragrance with fresh cotton evokes images of sandy beach towels being hung out to dry on a blustery day off the coast of southern England.

A salty iconic mist mingles with green and mossy notes, and delving deeper reveals the subtle earthy hint of seaweed. This is ideal for those with a beach house or those who feel more relaxed simply dreaming of an afternoon spent in one. This scent would be the perfect bathroom addition or even a laundry room staple. Displayed in picturesque sea-blue packaging the product looks just as beautiful in the box as it does out of it.

For a warming, spicy aroma for those cold summer nights, we are obsessed with the Amber & Frankincense candle. The black and pink gift box successfully eludes to the rich, soothing woody fragrance which will envelop you as soon as you crack it open.

Packed with guaiacwood, patchouli and cedar this is complimented by the spiciness of the nase. Sporting the classic Monsoon metal design which is displayed throughout the full range, it looks just as luxurious as it smells. We can imagine returning home from a long day at work and breathing in its opulence whilst enjoying a hot bubble bath and a large glass of our favourite Cabernet Sauvignon.  

For a floral scent that isn’t too overpowering we love the Grapefruit & Vetivert option. The navy blue and blush pink branding is so on trend, especially with the current wedding season upon us.

This would actually be an excellent scent to fill a room whilst the bride gets ready for her big day, and a wonderful wedding gift to help remember those special moments long after the day has passed. The vibrant citrus fragrance sings with zesty grapefruit, orange and tangerine. Given a more feminine tone by the floral heart notes of rose and gardenia whilst the base of precious vetivert adds something a little unexpected. Light as a candle for an evening treat or pop the diffuser on your dressing table for a morning pick me up.

Still one of the most popular scents on the market, fig takes a starring role in the final offering of Bergamot & Fig. This oriental fragrance is spicy, boasting uplifting notes of neroli, mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit and lemon.

The elusive sun dried figs are softly entwined with foodie aromas such as warm ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper giving a slightly masculine vibe which we love. This all rests on a base of guaiacwood and cedar, softened by musk and vanilla making it the perfect scent for any home.

Fiona Reid

Fiona Thomas is a lifestyle blogger based in Birmingham. She graduated with a degree in Commercial Music where she snuck into several journalism classes and realised her real passion was writing. She had a successful career in management for several years before returning to her calling and started developing Fiona Likes to Blog, whilst working freelance for other websites. She is a keen advocate of positive body image, mental health awareness, fitness and wellbeing.