Common Reasons You Should Still Wear a Face Mask 

With the covid19 pandemic finally behind us, you might have already thrown out your collection of face coverings. But even though the requirements around wearing face masks have been lifted, there are still a few common reasons you should keep a stock of face masks at home. 

Whether you decide to purchase bulk disposable respirator masks or invest in a few high-quality reusable face masks, here’s why face coverings are here to stay. 

Avoid The Flu

When flu season rolls around again, you’ll want to get a flu shot to minimize the virus’s impact on your immune system and the likelihood that you fall ill to start with. But in addition to getting your annual flu shot, wearing a disposable face mask is a great way to avoid getting the flu.

Wearing a face covering will significantly reduce the chances of contracting the flu virus and various other airborne viruses. 

Visiting Anyone With An Impaired Immune System

Wearing a face mask doesn’t just protect you from contracting a virus; it also protects those around you from contracting any virus that you might have. 

If you are carrying a virus without knowing, you could pass it on to an individual with a compromised immune system. So, it’s best to wear a disposable face mask when visiting any individual with a compromised immune system. 

You’re Feeling Flu-ish

If you’re feeling even slightly flu-ish, wear a face mask for the day to prevent passing on viral infection to others. Even though the covid19 pandemic is over, the virus remains, not to mention the Omicron variant. So, treat the first sign of flu accordingly and with consideration to those around you. 

Others Are Wearing Face Masks

If you notice other individuals wearing a face mask, it’s best to wear one as well. Others might be wearing a face mask to contain a viral infection or due to airborne pollutants.

Instead of overlooking others wearing face coverings, consider it a warning to protect your health in the same way. 

Protection Against Air Pollution

Regular surgical or disposable face masks provide effective protection against severe air pollution. With this, you can benefit from wearing a face mask even if air pollution is not extreme. The impacts of pollution can lead to various lung conditions.

The various fabric layers of the mask act as a filter, allowing you to breathe cleaner air, despite dense damaging pollutants. 

Wearing A Mask Is Good Hygiene

Irrespective of whether you or someone around you is unwell, wearing a face mask is a wise decision. Face coverings are good general hygiene, and you’ll be mitigating the spread of both symptomatic and asymptomatic viral infections. 

If you have acne or a habit of touching your face, a face covering can help reduce acne and breakouts caused by bacteria. So, it makes sense how a face covering can improve personal hygiene. 

While it’s wise to wear a face mask when necessary, it’s just as important to wear new disposable surgical masks or clean reusable face coverings. Never use a disposable mask more than once, as dirt and bacteria might trigger skin irritation.

Krysta Jakson

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