Stressed, Exhausted, or Uninspired? Read These Self-Care Tips to Take Care of You

Practicing self-care isn’t always easy. With so much else going on in the world, me-time is usually last on the to-do list. Worse, we can sometimes feel guilty about taking the time required to take care of ourselves. But, the need to care for our mental and physical health has never been more important as the boundaries between work and home remain blurry and the pandemic drags on.

No matter how indulgent or fancy the term may sound, self-care, such as by using stress-releasing products like, is crucial for our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Work It Out

Whether it’s a brisk walk around the block, or a virtual workout, exercise encourages the body to release endorphins which counteract the release of cortisol. Getting outside in the fresh air not only clears the airways, but a daily dose of Vitamin D supports the body’s natural mood-regulating system.

Remember – You Are What You Eat  

A balanced diet can reduce the physical effects of stress. Start the day with a warm bowl of porridge to boost levels of serotonin, a calming chemical found in the brain; incorporate foods rich in Vitamin C for their immune-boosting properties; and stock up on leafy greens full of magnesium to compound the effects of stress.

Relax Your Mind & Prioritise sleep

Sleep is our body’s natural healing process and it’s a powerful tool to help reduce stress. However, when we’re stressed, achieving a good night’s sleep can feel impossible. Valerian root-based remedies such as Kalms Night can be used to promote a refreshing and restful night’s sleep, whilst Kalms Day help to relive stress.

Write it Down

Try taking time at the end of each day to write down how you feel. Offloading thoughts in this way can help slow down your thinking and clear your mind. Writing down the things you are grateful for can also relieve stress by focusing your thoughts on what’s positive in your life.

Connect with Others

Feeling connected to other people is important. It can help you to feel valued and confident about yourself and can give you a different perspective on things. If you can, try to spend some time connecting with friends and family – even a text or phone call can make a difference.

Find What Works For You

Ultimately, self-care is all about protecting your mental health, this means a relaxation technique that works best for you. As well as the techniques mentioned above, self-care could also be reading a book, practising meditation, or taking a long bath.

Rachel Bartee

Rachel Bartee is a blogger and freelance writer dreaming of a tour round the world to write a story of her greatest life adventure. For the time being, she feels inspired by her daily yoga sessions and studies Interpersonal Relationships.