Benefits of EMSella Treatment

Have you ever heard of urinary incontinence? It could happen to just about any woman, no matter your age. If you think you are free from urinary incontinence because you are older or younger, then you are wrong. However, it is more common among older and middle-aged women. 

It is usually caused by weakened muscles in the pelvic floor, natural aging, menopause, childbirth, obesity, hysterectomy, amongst other factors. Generally, the pelvic floor muscles are there to support the pelvic organs. This link has more on the usefulness of the pelvic floor muscles. 

When they are weakened, the internal organs do not get the full support they need, which causes difficulties controlling the flow of urine. This is where the Emsella treatment in San Antonio, TX comes in. Before we continue, we need to know a few things;

What is Urinary Incontinence?

This term refers to the loss of control of the bladder, which can be a very embarrassing problem. The severity of this problem ranges from leaking urine when you sneeze or cough to having that uncontrollable and sudden urge to use a toilet frequently. Even though it occurs in older people, urinary incontinence is not an inevitable consequence of old age. 

If it affects one’s daily activities, you should not hesitate to see a medical professional. In some cases, though, a simple and healthy change of diet and lifestyle or even extensive medical care can treat its symptoms. Talking about signs, you can check here for what to note about urinary incontinence. 

What are the Types of Urinary Incontinence?

Some experience minor or occasional urine leaks, while others may experience more than that. The different types include;

• Urge Incontinence: This involves having an intense and sudden urge to urinate and then an involuntary loss of bladder control. One might often urinate, sometimes throughout the night. Minor conditions like infections usually cause this type. In severe cases, they may be caused by diabetes or neurological disorders.

• Stress Incontinence: This is when urine leaks once pressure has been exerted on the bladder. The pressure can be caused by laughing, sneezing, exercising, coughing, or lifting heavy items.

• Overflow Incontinence: This is when one experiences constant or frequent dribbling of urinary fluid. It is characterized by the inability of the bladder to empty.

• Mixed Incontinence: This is when one experiences more than one type of this complication at once. The popular mix would be that of urge and stress incontinence.

• Functional Incontinence: This is characterized by mental or physical impairment that may keep one from reaching the restroom in time.

With this bit of idea, we can now discuss our main topic for the day; EMSella treatment.

Causes of Urinary Incontinence

This health condition is caused mainly by bad health habits or underlying physical problems, or health conditions. However, it can be classified into two;

  • Temporary Urinary Incontinence

Some foods, medications, and drinks could act as diuretics, increasing the volume of one’s urine and stimulating the bladder. Some of these include foods high in sugar, spice, or citrus, chili peppers, artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks, caffeine, alcohol, sparkling water, blood pressure, and heart medications, muscle relaxants, sedatives, and large doses of vitamin c. It could also be caused by constipation and urinary tract infection.

  • Persistent Urinary Incontinence

Underlying changes in physical conditions usually cause this. Examples may include changes with age, childbirth, menopause, prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, obstruction, neurological disorders, and pregnancy.

What is EMSella Treatment?

This is a complicated medical process that is used to treat cases of urinary incontinence. For this treatment, one would have to sit on a special chair called the “EMSella Chair.” This chair works by using advanced forms of electromagnetic technology to contract the muscles of the pelvic floor. You can say it is like a more intense and advanced level of kegel exercise, but the aim remains the same; to stabilize and strengthen the pelvic floor area.

So the patient sits on a chair, fully clothed, for about thirty minutes. During this time, the EMSella chair stimulates contractions of the muscles. Most of the time, the results are instant as the patient begins to gain a higher level of control over their muscles. While sitting in a chair, you do not have to be tensed; in fact, most professionals recommend that you relax, read a book, or even watch television. You do not need anything else.

What’s Involved in the Treatment

You should note that during this treatment, you will feel tingling sensations and frequent muscle contractions. It is a process free of pain, and no downtime is needed for this procedure. Once you are done, it’s straight back to your daily routine.

Before the process can be started, the medical professional in charge has to know a few things about one’s medical history and also the causes of the complication. Even though almost every patient with urinary incontinence can undergo this treatment, it may be ineffective for some. 

A professional urologist can always create a suitable treatment plan for their patients. Also, contrary to what most people believe, this process is available for both men and women. You can search for EMSella treatment near me online to find professionals who provide such services in your region. 

Are There any Benefits of the EMSella Treatment?

Well, this process offers a lot of benefits for both men and women with this health condition. It is generally used for women as they have higher chances of developing urinary incontinence. The main advantage of this treatment remains that it does not require any kind of surgery. That alone is enough to ease the minds of most patients. Other benefits of this process include;

• Strengthened muscles of the pelvic floor.

• Improved sexual performance.

• Enhanced quality of one’s life.

• Reduced fecal and urinary incontinence.

• Better sleep as it prevents frequent interruptions to the bathroom.

• Immediate and massive results.

• No discomfort or downtime.

Take Away

Over two hundred million patients are living with urinary incontinence in the world today. Studies have shown that more women experience it than men. Here are a few things one should use to diagnose who needs this process without even having to see a doctor;

• Frequent urination.

• Abstinence from sexual activities due to fear of embarrassment.

• Leakage of urine when coughing or sneezing.

• Leakage of urine when performing exercise or other physical activities.

If you experience one or more of these symptoms, there is good news; EMSella treatment is here for you. However, suppose you are pregnant or have malignant tumors, metal implants, heart disorders, pulmonary insufficiency, implanted neurostimulator, hemorrhagic condition, cardiac pacemakers, or electronic implants. In that case, this process may not be the best for you. Good health should be a priority, not an option.

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