Does Vaping Improve Dental Health?

Smoking is known for having a detrimental impact on a person’s oral hygiene. And if you have ever considered kicking a smoking habit, know you are not alone. With an estimated 6.9 million people in the UK who do smoke, it is reported that 6 in 10 are wanting to quit smoking. A common approach many people take when looking to quit smoking is by stopping completely.

However, one route many are taking in their mission is by vaping. In over a year, there was a 12.5% increase in the total of people who switched from cigarettes to using a vape.

As the popularity of vapes continues to rise, many users are questioning whether using a vape will improve their dental health.

Bacteria On Teeth

There are various ways in which smoking damages your teeth. One of the worst ways on the list is how it can shut down your mouth’s ability to deal with an infection. What this means is that should you develop an infection, your mouth is unable to protect itself. As a result, this then allows the bacteria to spread and stay there. Over time, this issue could lead to severe problems. Bacteria in the mouth is one of the biggest threats to dental health for an individual.

When smoking, the tar and nicotine stay in and around the mouth for a considerable length of time. Often until you have either properly cleaned your mouth or if you decide to quit smoking. With vaping, it does not produce any particular matter. As such, bacteria is less likely to be produced, which reduces the chances of your mouth not being able to effectively deal with an infection.

Currently, none of the ingredients featured in e-liquids has yet to be proven to put the user at risk of coming into contact withbacteria. Again, this reduces the chances of your mouth lacking the ability to battle an infection.

Impact On Circulation

The bacteria that lingers in your mouth when smoking cigarettes can also prevent blood flow and oxygen from efficiently entering your mouth. Instead, any of the grit and tobacco that you inhale when you smoke, will rub and chip against your teeth. Aside from being an uncomfortable thing to experience physically, it can also weaken the enamel, which could potentially lead to further problems.

Neither tobacco nor grit needs to be present when vaping. With vaping, you have the option to choose how much nicotine you include. Some e-liquids do not contain any nicotine. If you vape without any nicotine, then your circulation should not face the same level of damage as those that smoke cigarettes.

Using a vape can cause users to experience dry mouth, due to the coil being heated. To tackle this issue, it helps to keep hydrated.

Noticeable Teeth Stains

Bacteria from smoking cigarettes is one of the main culprits for an individual developing an oral health issue. One of these issues is the discolouration of teeth. When bacteria remain inside the mouth for a considerable length of time, the more susceptible the teeth are to becoming stained and turning into an unpleasant shade of yellow. Over time, this issue will eventually lead to a person experiencing tooth loss, which will then require root canal treatment.

One of the contributors towards turning teeth yellow, or staining that colour, is nicotine and tar. Vaping doesn’t use tar, but it can include nicotine if you choose to you e-liquids that contain it. Vaping allows you to decide how much nicotine to include. Having this choice is one of the downsides of vaping, in particular when you look at the impact it can have on oral health.

Of course, you can use a vape without any nicotine, which could make it less likely for your teeth to stain. Additionally, using a vape means there is no tar, which reduces the risk of tar build-up. Another contributor is colour discolouration.

Making The Switch

For those who have smoked cigarettes for years and have tried, and perhaps failed, at the different methods available to help quit smoking, switching to a vape might be worth trying. Switching to a vape to help quit smoking has proven to be the most effective for many smokers. Fortunately, due to the rise in popularity of using vapes, there is plenty of choices available. For instance, a glance at the vaping kits from Superior Vapour will show you the extensive range of vapes available to choose from. Depending on your style, you are bound to find a vape that will suit you. In doing so, you can help to reduce your chances of developing any oral health risks.

When compared to smoking cigarettes, there are fewer oral health risks that come with using a vape. Aside from allowing you to control your nicotine intake, switching to a vape can help to reduce some of the dental health risks that you can develop from smoking cigarettes. It is just another reason to make the switch from cigarettes to vapes.

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