Personal Injury Claims: What About Mental Health?

Accident lawyers help individuals file personal injury claims which are typically based on the negligent acts of another party that have led the victims to be physically harmed in some way, through injuries, accidents, slips and falls, and medical errors, for example. People can click reference here for the best injury attorneys. However, while the physical impact of such accidents can be painful and devastating, and they are often the main focus of the personal injury claim, it’s important to bear in mind that such accidents can also have a significant impact on the mental health and wellbeing of the victim. In such situation, the victim can contact lawyers for auto injuries to claim compensation for the injury and damage caused. And in case of auto injury accidents, victims may consider consulting an auto accident lawyer for proper compensation.

The Connection Between Physical Injuries and Mental Health

Personal injury victims may suffer from any number of physical ailments from minor scrapes and cuts to serious head injuries or an amputation. Common injuries in personal injury cases include burns, broken bones, neck and spinal injuries, sprains, concussions and lacerations. In some cases, a personal injury case may be focused on an illness rather than an injury, for example, a person who suffers food poisoning due to the error of a restaurant or an employee who becomes sick over time due to the environment that they are working in. Physical symptoms are often present and observable, but on the other hand, the psychological effects can take many different forms. Victims involved in a serious accident might develop post-traumatic stress disorder, for example, or the injury might lead to depressive symptoms if it prevents the victim from taking part in the things that they once enjoyed. Some individuals might find that the injury has a negative impact on their marriage or relationship and family life, which can in turn have a serious effect on their mental health. 

How a Medico-Legal Report Can Help

If you have been injured through no fault of your own and are preparing to make a civil claim with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer, a medico-legal report can not only be useful for proving your physical injuries or illnesses with the help of a medical expert witness, but also to prove the impact that the situation has had on your mental health and wellbeing. Psymplicity provides medicolegal reports for a wide range of legal cases including psychiatric capacity assessments that can help your legal representative and the court understand the state of your mental health and if there have been any changes to it as a direct result of the injury or illness. Psymplicity offer medical expert psychiatrists and consultants who will find out more about your situation. They offer medicolegal reports that could help you get further compensation for pain and suffering. 

Proving Mental Injuries

Since they are not as easy to prove through objective evidence compared to physical injuries, damages to your mental health as a result of the situation can be harder to prove. Many personal injury victims do not get treatment for the impact on their mental health quite as quickly since there is often a lot of attention on the physical problems. As a result, there might be limited medical information available to support any claims of impact to mental health. According to experts like a personal injury attorney, seeking prompt medical attention for any mental health problems you have experienced as a result of a personal injury will help support your case. 

Personal injury cases don’t just involve physical injuries – they can often lead to mental health being affected in several different ways.

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