BEST Foods That Fuel Your Training!

As well as knowing how to exercise properly, it’s important to know what to put into your body to help maximise results.

London-based Fight City Gym offers gym-goers of all ages, backgrounds, and experience an enjoyable way of fighting fat and building stamina through their range of unique training programs.

Today, member Toni Prince (IBJJF European Championship silver medallist) is revealing the best things to eat to aid training.

1. Porridge

Oats are great because they release energy slowly to keep you going throughout the day. Oats also have a very high amount of protein – 40g of oats can have 7g of protein in it. Toni recommends using almond milk for an extra protein boost and for its muscle-relaxing magnesium. Try and throw in some blueberries as they can speed muscle recovery when eaten before and after exercise.

2. Go bananas

These yellow beauties are excellent an hour before or after a workout. Bananas are a healthy source of carbohydrates and sugar to give your body the fuel to help you stay active for longer periods, especially during training. Bananas are packed with healthy vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to athletes such as magnesium and potassium, which act as electrolytes in your body to reduce the risk of muscles cramping and fatigue.

3. Tuna and sweet potato

This fish is rich in protein to aid in muscle development and Omega-3 fatty acids which can reduce muscle inflammation from exercising. Try having tuna with sweet potato as these complex carbs are full of fibre to help your body process sugars for a steady supply of energy. Add some spinach into the mix to boost protein production in muscles, making them stronger and more efficient.

4. Honey nut rice cakes

Toni is a big fan of honey and organic peanut butter on rice cakes. The honey allows a slow and steady release of glucose into the blood stream for energy. Peanut butter is an excellent post work out ingredient – just 2-tbsp of peanut butter provides 6g of carbohydrates and 8g of protein to maximize muscle repair and recovery. Make sure you buy organic peanut butter to avoid any cholesterol-raising trans fats.

5. Turkey burgers and broccoli

Gobble these burgers ( you can click for source to find the best one in town) up because they’re both high in protein and are much leaner than other meats! Plus, broccoli is one of the most popular vegetables all over the world and it is a staple part of training diets as it’s low in carbs, rich in fibre and packs plenty of antioxidants.

Wassana Lampech

Wassana Lampech is a medical technology graduate and a freelance writer. She has been writing since her college days, and has been a freelance writer for the past 4 years. You can follow her on Twitter here: @wassmam