How to Pick the Best Shoes for High Arches

If you have a high arch or pes cavus feet, you also need to have the right shoes. Because when not properly addressed, this problem can result in major health conditions and discomforts. People with this condition, tend to exert a lot of pressure on the heel and ball. High arch feet are either genetically acquired or neurological disorders. It is very important to have shoes that will comfortably help support your cavus feet. Here are a few tips for you to consider when looking for the best shoes for high arches.

1. Comfort

Comfortable shoes are important if you have high arch feet. You want to ensure the shoes you buy are comfortable for your entire feet. Consider the positioning of the inner soles and cushioning. The cushioning and the inner soles should be soft to ensure even distribution of weight throughout your feet. Your shoe should not be too tight or too loose.

2. Good Arch Support

This is one of the major factors you need to consider when looking for a shoe that’s a perfect fit for you. Pick a shoe that can provide a good arch support. The best shoes for high arches feet helps to evenly distribute weight on your feet. This will greatly reduce instances of pain and other health problems.

3. Flexibility and Stability

People with high arch feet need shoes that are well cushioned, stable, secure and flexible. A stable shoe is well cushioned and offers excellent support for your feet. Consider buying a shoe that will hold your heel in one place and does not slip from side to side. Additionally, pick a shoe that is flexible, but can easily bend at the midfoot. Bend the shoe at different points and directions to ensure it is flexible. The upper of the shoe should be flexible and stretchable. It should hug your feet well without tightening them.

4. The Shape of the Shoe

Another factor to consider when selecting the best shoes for high arches is the shoe shape. A runner with high arc feet should go for a shoe with a curved last, as it helps you have a neutral pronation. Another feature to consider in a shoe is the slip last. A shoe should be able to wrap your feet well for a sock-like feeling. Chose a shoe shape that is compatible with your feet and one that offers comfortable cushioning and flexibility.

5. Breathability

Breathability is an important factor to consider when picking the best shoes for high arches. The best shoes should provide you with adequate ventilation for airflow into your feet. They should have a lightweight mesh fabric.


The best shoes for high arches should have adequate cushioning to support the wearers feet. A soft midsole and single-density are a good choice for people with high arched feet. Good cushioning helps prevent instances of under pronation, pain and discomfort.

Whether for work or exercising, you need to have a good pair of shoes that is comfortable. It will help you prevent injuries, pain and serious health problems. These tips will help you pick the best shoes if you have high arches feet.

Krysta Jakson

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