Men! Beat Hair Loss with Advanced Tricho Pigmentation (ATP) & Regain Confidence in Your Appearance

Losing hair at an early age can have a serious psychological and emotional impact on the sufferer. Self-esteem takes a blow and the negative perception about one’s appearance and what other people think about them has a traumatizing effect on one’s mental health. Men are more likely to suffer from hair loss at an early age as a consequence of male pattern baldness. No doubt, some of them are able to accept it, but for the majority, hair loss can plunge them into the well of depression and anxiety.

It is essential to remember that though hair loss can be extremely disturbing and distressing, it definitely can be treated. For a very long time, hair transplant was judged as the only hair loss treatment. However, hair transplantation, like all surgical procedures, does include some risks and there is no guarantee of success or safe treatment. Not all people suffering from hair loss are inclined to unveil themselves to the risks associated with hair transplant methods. However, thanks to the development been happening in the field of cosmetology, people can opt for Advanced Tricho Pigmentation (ATP) as an alternative to traditional hair transplantation methods.

Most Common Hair Transplant Side Effects:

  • Scarring

Scarring is more common in FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and with procedures that involve hair transplants with strips. So, until the time your hair grows back the scars will be visible and may seem unpleasant in some cases. Moreover, permanent scarring may occur. If you are looking to keep your hair short; you need to ditch that wish of yours or go with Advanced Tricho Pigmentation which is highly efficient to hide the scars enabling you to sport short hair.

  • Hair Thinning

Temporary hair thinning do occur just after the hair transplant procedure as the hair type used, for transplantation, might be inadequate. So, some patients do complain of bald areas or thinning after the procedure. However, this happens on a temporal basis and you need to wait for some months to see the results of your hair transplant procedure.

  • Bleeding

A small amount of bleeding is common when going under the knife for hair transplant. However, if hair transplant procedure is performed improperly due to inexperience on part of the surgeon the bleeding may increase and might require stitching to close and cover the wounds.

  • Cysts

Cyst occurs in the areas which have received hair transplant as force is exerted on the hair follicles pushing them deeper into the skin. Cysts don’t last more than a few weeks and appear like small pimples or tiny bumps. Although rare, experiencing any unexpected condition demands a consultation from the doctor.

Hence, to see whether your hair transplant procedure is successful or not; you need to wait for some months and deal with a whole lot of side-effects, though temporary in nature, in the waiting period. Recovery, after a hair transplant, is pretty slow and there is a lot of after-care involved.

What is Advanced Tricho Pigmentation?

Advanced Tricho Pigmentation treatment is a pigmentation delivery system that works impeccably, immaculately and flawlessly to copy the appearance and look of naturally generating hair follicles for persons having pretty less or no hair at all. The treatment helps the patient to get a natural look of closely shaven hair and excellently covers up baldness; thus helping the patient to regain the lost confidence in his appearance.

Advanced Tricho Pigmentation can also be utilized at the brow section to create natural looking hair strokes. Moreover, ATP can be used by the patients who have opted for hair transplants, for covering up their scars and enabling them to carry their hair shorter by putting up an illusion of dense hair at the donor and the crown region.

How is Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Much Better than Traditional Hair Transplant Techniques?

Advanced Tricho Pigmentation is a revolutionary treatment and offers a whole lot of advantages over traditional hair transplant techniques:

  • Quick Procedure & Immediate Results

ATP procedure doesn’t take more than 2-4 hours to complete. For covering scars, the time taken is even lesser. Unlike traditional hair, transplants results can be seen immediately after the treatment. Hence, ATP treatment is complete and consummate for those who are seeking a swift and impressive treatment.

  • Swift & Simple Recovery

The postoperative recovery period is not hard like in traditional hair transplants. All the essential information that you require, to take care of your hair pigmentation, will be provided.

  • Get a Natural Look

Advanced Tricho Pigmentation results appear as natural as possible. Nobody can make out that you got the procedure done unless you yourself choose to tell.

  • Get your self-esteem back

One of the biggest benefits of Advanced Tricho Pigmentation is that your confidence and self-esteem is immediately restored. This negates and eliminates all the psychological side-effects that a person might be suffering due to hair loss.


Most men, with little or no hair, are undergoing Advanced Tricho Pigmentation to sport a closely shaved hair look. Unlike traditional hair transplants, ATP is safe and the results are guaranteed. Moreover, since the results are immediately visible the feeling of positivity and happiness can be seen at once in the patients.

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