Get Paleo Diet Savvy Like the Victoria’s Secret Models

Victoria’s Secret personal trainer Justin Gelband has revealed he’s a fan on the Paleo Diet and often encourages the Victoria’s Secret Angels to adopt it, according to Business Insider.

So we’ve asked our experts for the lowdown on this way of eating…

What is the Paleo Diet and how can it help manage weight?

The Paleo Diet advocates a nutritional plan based on the eating habits of our ancestors in the Paleolithic period – before there were tempting sugar sweets, processed foods and even refined carbohydrates and grains. This ‘cave man’ diet consists of basic ingredients such as vegetables, fruits, seeds, fish and meat.

“Following a Paleo diet could be a great way to help manage your eight and stay lean. One reason is because it eliminates refined and processed foods, which are often high in calories, trigger blood sugar swings that leave you wanting yet more sugar, and are low in vitamins and minerals that allow our body to actually use that food for energy. So, by eliminating these foods and focusing on a Paleo-style diet with nutrient-rich foods, plenty of protein, natural fats and fibre from vegetables and fruit, you could help naturally improve your body composition,” explains Nutritionist Cassandra Barns.

Why take a protein supplement?

If you think that protein supplement are just for bodybuilders think again! Protein is essential for building hormones, neurotransmitters and enzymes needed by every cell in your body to function.

Who choose Nature’s Paleo Protein Powder?

This vegan-friendly Paleo protein powder contains nutrients and protein from a variety of organic sources, including almond, coconut, sunflower and pumpkin. Nutritionist Martina Della Vedova explains, “such a wide diversity of nutrients can help promote all aspects of your health.”

Nature’s Plus Paleo Protein (£33.95,

– 20 grams of protein

– 5 grams of dietary fiber

– Vegan and gluten free

– No GM-O

– Certified organic

– Includes live enzymes

Charlotte Giver

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