Coolest Storage Spaces In The House

Home may be where your heart is, but it’s also where all your belongings are. No matter how large or small your home may be, we can sometimes find ourselves sharing our space with a bunch of clutter we just can’t seem to let go of.

The internet is full of ingenious storage solutions that demonstrate how you can transform even the smallest part of your home into a stylish and practical answer to clutter. From the simple to the elaborate, here are ten of the best.

1)     Hidden Garage

This very impressive hidden garage in a Victorian house is the creation of McMills Construction and Beausoleil Architects. Although one of the most expensive storage solutions on the list, this San Francisco home flawlessly demonstrates how you can discreetly store your largest possessions. Although a simple Up & Over garage door from a supplier, such as ABI Garage Doors would probably do the trick for most of us.

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2) Painted Crates 

These old crates have been given a new lease of life. By painting old wooden boxes and nailing them to the wall, you can easily create a cheap and contemporary storage section for shoes, books and just about any other item hanging around your home.

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3) Stair Storage

Transforming stairs into draws is an original way to store shoes and accessories. This is ideal for anyone with a small hallway and will save you ever tripping over a pair of shoes again.

stair storage

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4) Cellar Floor

These hidden wine cellars are a classic twist on a hidden passageway. Designed by The Spiral Cellars, these cellars pipe in cool air to keep your wine at an ideal temperature.

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5) Secret Headboard Storage

The bedroom is a place to relax and unwind, although if you find yourself sharing it with piles of books and clothes you may find it difficult to switch off. These hollow headboards hide the mess away.

bedroom storage

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6) The Sofa of many pockets

This Eastpak sofa is where comfort meets storage. The attached pockets are perfect for keeping books, magazines or even a laptop, and means you will never have to hunt out the remote again.

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7) Hidden Bookcase

It may not be a cupboard to Narnia, but this bookshelf will provide the perfect disguise for any room or office. Costing $3,000, this hidden bookcase slides open on a floor based rail. Unsurprisingly it also doubles as a book shelf.

hidden bookcase storage

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8) The loft of many clothes

If you have a cold, empty attic space then instead of letting the bats claim it as their own, why not create your very own closet room? Not only will this free up space in your other rooms, but it also will make your home feel that little bit more luxurious.

The loft of many clothes

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8) Chic storage cans

Making space in your home doesn’t have to cost a lot or require a week’s work of renovation. These painted tin cans are a quirky way to store those little bits and bobs we never seem to be able to find a place for.

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9) Under the stairs bathroom

Think of all the space that goes unused under your stair case. This brilliant idea not only will help increase the value of your home, but will also put a stop to all those arguments over whose turn it is to use the bathroom.

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10) Doc Sofa bunk bed

If you have a spare room and don’t know whether you want to use it is as guest bedroom or a relaxation zone then the Doc sofa bunk bed will save you having to make that difficult decision. This funky furnishing converts from a sofa into a futon bunk bed, meaning you are prepared for anyone who might pop round.

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By: Malika Sharma