She is One Of Hong Kong’s Most Influential Fashion Bloggers. Meet Denise Lai, The Writer Behind SUPERWOWOMG

Hong Kong has been on the forefront of the fashion industry as of late with all aspects of the market pushing to expand into this bustling Asian locale.

Meet SUPERWOWOMG’s 26-year-old Denise Lai, one of Hong Kong’s most influential fashion bloggers.

superwowomg Denise Lai

“SUPERWOWOMG started in 2008 because at the time I was reading a lot of fashion, design, streetwear blogs and thought it would be fun just to do one myself” Denise told Your Coffee Break of starting her blog. “I was living abroad away from my family too so it was a good way for them to keep up with what I was doing”.

Currently wearing a Saint James Breton top from J Crew, Uniqlo black jeans and Vans SK8-Hi sneakers, Denise is always aiming for that “cool girl” aesthetic describing her style as: “For me, it’s always about baggy rolled tees, black jeans, grungy/teenage a-line mini skirts, ankle boots and camo-print everything. I’m also really into sportswear right now and am on the prowl for the perfect all black windbreaker/parka”.


In 2004, prior to starting her blog, Denise moved to New York City to pursue her dreams of Graphic Design. “Ever since I was young I was always drawing on anything from napkins to shoeboxes and so I had always known that I wanted to work in a creative/artistic field”. Following her dreams Denise attended Pratt Institute in New York and attained her degree in Graphic Design. “Going to an art school was great because you were constantly surrounded by creative people and that definitely helps to feed your own inspiration and creativity”.

“The whole vibe is different. NY is really cultured and the variety of people is so vast that it can actually get really messy. The city is much more open and it’s fun to walk around on the streets” Denise told Your Coffee Break as she explained how New York differs from Hong Kong. “In Hong Kong, people are more conservative but in that sense it makes it easier for someone to stand out. Hong Kong is all about a mall culture so everyone’s always indoors or walking to go in doors which is fine with me since I hate the heat and I’d rather be in air-conditioning 24/7”.



With both Hong Kong’s fashion and blogging communities gaining momentum it is exciting to see the changes this major fashion hub will experience next. “I always say Hong Kong style is borrowed from other countries” Denise elaborates when asked her feelings on Hong Kong’s style compared to that of other major cities. “We always take what we see from somewhere else and apply it to our city. Hong Kong is the perfect mix of fashion from Europe, America, Korea and Taiwan.” As for her advice for aspiring fashion bloggers? “Be honest when you write and write how you would if you were talking to a friend”.

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