Motivation Monday: Think Why You Started

Motivation Monday Sabi Phagura When we first embark on a new goal, we’re full of inspiration and totally ready for the new challenge ahead. We know why we have chosen that goal and are full of fir in our belly.

If keeping fit is your goal, you probably started off religiously sticking to your exercise regime and eating plan. But a few weeks down the line, you may have started to feel less inspired. You’re probably not quite seeing the results that you want or boredom may have kicked in and you may be thinking of throwing the towel in.

However, this is the very time when you really need to focus on why you embarked on this goal in the first place. Writing down your goal reasons is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get back on track. When you can visually see all the benefits of sticking to your goal, you will feel inspired again almost instantly.

You can either stay in the place of not getting anywhere or plough ahead and keep on marching. Because those days will add up and you will eventually start seeing the benefits of your goal.

So remember, the next time you’re thinking of quitting, think about why you started.

Happy Monday!


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Sabi Phagura

Sabi Phagura is Your Coffee Breaks resident fittness expert. She is an accredited fitness instructor, talented freelance journalist and a inspirational woman who once upon a time used to be overweight, but inspirationally turned her life around to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sabi has her own popular blog fitlass: