Raw Health: Guilt Free and Delicious Food with 42Raw

Cooking is sooooo last year, it’s all about raw!

Ok I may have appeared on Come Dine With Me but let’s not pretend I turn into Nigella every night. My life is terribly hectic and social so I have to eat out a lot. On my travels and in and out of meetings, I’m forever looking for healthy food choices so I was delighted to discover 42degrees Raw.

Far from being a faddy, health freaky gimmick, the food at this new café inside 6 Burlington Gardens is rather good.

As the name indicates, dishes tend not to be cooked, some are but only to 42 degrees. A raw cuisine is based on the strict principle of using plant based ingredients not using heat above 42 degrees as above this temperature nutrients start to diminish in food.

You can be sure of fresh organic ingredients, naked, nutrient rich, and delicious just like nature intended.

Now that I’m well on my way to sculpting my body, I have to be extra careful with what I put in my mouth, so you can imagine my delight to discover that every single morsel on this menu, is untouched by sugar, dairy products, preservatives and colouring. A typical menu includes raw yoghurt with muesli. Mango and pumpkin salad, pecan pie and a range of drinks – even chocolate cake!

Life as I always say should be about choices and it annoys me how little choice there is for people who want to take care of their bodies when out and about. Lately there have been many programmes – such as Friday night’s Tonight programme – about people believing they are making healthier food choices, only to discover it’s laden with salt and hidden sugars.

So next time you’re in London and don’t fancy going to a café and dissecting which foods are edible on a menu, perhaps you would like to give 42 degrees a try to make your life easier.

I can promise you, you’ll be amazed! This really is guilt free and delicious food.  Here’s the link to the cafe www.42raw.co.uk

Sabi Phagura

Sabi Phagura is Your Coffee Breaks resident fittness expert. She is an accredited fitness instructor, talented freelance journalist and a inspirational woman who once upon a time used to be overweight, but inspirationally turned her life around to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sabi has her own popular blog fitlass: http://fitlass.wordpress.com/