Level Up Your UK Travel Adventure with Gaming Hotspots

The United Kingdom attracted a whopping 35+ million visitors in 2023, which shows there seems to be plenty of reasons why people are attracted to this quartet of closely related countries. However, while the obvious reasons are the weather (okay, maybe not), history, architecture, and a certain Royal Family, there’s another big reason people like to hop over to the UK. That reason is the many casino gaming hotspots you’ll find dotted around England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. 

We’re not just talking about land-based casinos either, although they’re probably the main reason gamblers come to these shores. The UK also has the world’s biggest online gambling market, meaning you can enjoy safe, reliable, and highly regulated online slots and table game options on your mobile phone or laptop.

So, ready to learn everything you need to know about the best gaming hotspots in the UK? Then, read on as I take you through the best places to go if you’re looking for casino action within the United Kingdom. 

What is the UK’s Gambling Capital?

The north-south divide in the UK is often discussed in many contexts, but in terms of gambling, people in the north are more likely to partake in a bit of betting. Blackpool and Manchester are two examples of northern cities where a good portion of the population enjoys going to casinos or gambling online. However, that’s mostly the locals, so it would be wrong to name either as the UK’s gambling capital.

That title must go to London, which is understandable considering England’s capital attracts more tourists than any other city. Even people visiting just for the UK’s gambling scene are probably more likely to want to enjoy it in the most famous city of them all. They can play at casinos in the evening and visit all the usual tourist attractions during the day. Plus, no other city comes close regarding the number of casinos to choose from. 

There are 54 brick-and-mortar casinos dotted around the capital, so it’s fair to say you’re not short of options in the city either. An avid gambler could have the perfect UK vacation by visiting as many of them as possible. However, some are more popular than others, with the Hippodrome in Leicester Square attracting the most visitors annually.  Going off of my own experience, other top recommendations are the Sportsman, Forty Five, and the Palm Beach Casino. 

Of course, a quick Google search will show you countless other options to consider. Most offer traditional casino table games and slot machines while some will have eateries, bars, restaurants, and even nightclubs within their walls. 

It’s Not All About London – Other Top Casino Gaming Hotspots in the UK 

There are plenty of other gaming hotspots if you’re not interested in London’s more typical tourist attractions and want to see the rest of what the UK offers. Take Cardiff, for example; the Welsh capital is famed for its great nightlife and has good casinos. When there, drop in to have a session on the roulette or blackjack tables at the Les Croupiers and Grosvenor Casinos. 

We’ve already mentioned Manchester, another great city full of history and culture. It’s also home to many land-based casinos, such as the trendy Manchester 235 and the Genting Casino Manchester. The city also has fantastic nightlife, so you’re never far from some excellent pubs and nightclubs. 

Another good option is to venture to the very north of the UK and into Scotland. Glasgow is the place to be for the best casino action in the country, although I’d wrap yourself up in layers of clothing as it can get on the chilly side up there. Having experienced the gambling scene in Glasgow myself, I’d recommend anyone in the city head over to the 2-story Alea Glasgow casino. Another good shout is The Cotton Club, an underground casino that was once a popular nightclub.

If you want to remain south, try out Birmingham, one of the UK’s most populated cities. The city is home to a handful of fantastic land-based casinos, the most famous of which is the Resorts World Casino. Of course, if you’ve heard of Resorts World, you’ll know there’s more than just a casino to expect when visiting. It offers a shopping complex, is packed with top restaurants, and has a fantastic entertainment complex. 

That’s not all either, as many other cities have casinos for you to enjoy. Leeds is an underrated option, as the city boasts 17 casinos full of slots and table games. Then there is Liverpool, the city that brought us the Beatles. You’ll find five casinos throughout the city, with my favourite being the Grosvenor Casino Leo. Back up in Scotland, Edinburgh is another city that has you covered for gambling options. You can choose from four casinos, one of which is an excellent attraction for high rollers. That is at the Genting Casino, a casino known for offering higher stakes than you’ll find at most other UK destinations.    

If you’re after a few more cities to check out, you’ll find casinos in Leicester, Sunderland, Newcastle, Sheffield, and Nottingham. 

Perhaps Partake in Some Online Gambling – The World’s Biggest iGaming Market

It’s official: the online gambling scene in the UK is the world’s biggest. It brought in $12.48 billion in 2022, a good billion more than the United States, double that of Australia, and triple that of Italy and France. 

According to the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission), 25% of people enjoy gambling of some kind, a figure that many believe is mainly down to the iGaming options available. The UK market is also widely recognized as the most regulated in the world, and that’s good news as it means you’ll enjoy a safe and trustworthy experience whenever you play on any platform with UKGC licensing. 

Along with dozens of fantastic online casinos, the UK boasts numerous sports betting sites, bingo sites, and lotteries. Essentially, the United Kingdom has you covered, no matter your preferred type of gambling. 

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