REVEALED: Norway Ranks Top for Best Place to Work and Live in 2024 

Norway tops global rankings as the no.1 place to work, setting the standard for employee satisfaction and work-life balance  

In an era where remote work and international opportunities are becoming increasingly prevalent, we know that people are now searching for cities to settle down in that offer the optimal blend of professional opportunities and quality of life. However, with an ever-changing global landscape, it can be hard to know exactly where will give you the best work-life balance. Where globally has the best balance of good wages, equality, work-life balance and overall happiness? 

Understanding the importance of choosing the right environment for both personal and career growth, Instant Offices research is geared towards assisting individuals and businesses in making informed decisions about where they may want to consider moving to, or for companies expanding into, in 2024. 

The Top 3 Countries to Live and Work In  

The top three overall, Norway, Australia and the Netherlands offer high living standards, strong economies, an excellent work-life balance, robust social security systems and inclusive, diverse work environments. Also followed by Switzerland, which is being ranked as the no.1 country for happiness in 2024.

Norway, Australia and the Netherlands are all among the top happiest countries globally, but each also scored high in other areas.  

Norway offers some of the highest paid maternity leave in the world, at 49 weeks. The minimum wage in Switzerland as well as the one in Australia is one of the highest, at $15 per hour in Australia, while the Netherlands outranks the rest to offer the best work-life balance of all, with an average working week of 32 hours.   

Norway Tops Global Rankings as the Premier Workplace Haven 

Norway’s triumph as the best country in the world to work in 2024 is no surprise as it has topped the UNDP Human Development Index for several years, with an HDI of 0.961 in 2021. HDI summarises a country’s human development achievements, including: 

  • Long and healthy lifespan 
  • Standard of living 
  • Knowledge 

Norway scored high in almost every area we analysed, topping the charts for equality, lgbtq employment, parental leave, and ranking within the top three countries for happiness, work-life balance, and minimum wage. 

Swiss Bliss: Switzerland Ranks #1 Globally for Happiness 

According to research by McKinsey, a quarter of employees across 15 countries felt burnt out last year. If you’re feeling burned out and overworked, moving to Switzerland could offer you a better balance between office life and personal time. 

Factors that make Swiss workers, so content overall include GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, and the freedom to make life choices. Switzerland ranks number 1 for minimum wage and within the top 5 countries globally for having the best work/life balance.  

Inclusivity Triumphs in the Netherlands 

The Netherlands stands as one of the most progressive countries to work globally, with the second-highest score on the equality index for all countries analysed. Unsurprisingly, the Netherlands also ranks within the top three best countries for LGBTQA+ employees to work.  

With one of the top happiness scores and work-life balance scores in the world, the Netherlands offers an inclusive and attractive haven for 2024’s global workforce.  

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