New Culinary Partnership with London’s Threadneedles Hotel and Caviar House & Prunier – Now Open for Bookings! 

London’s Threadneedles Hotel, part of the prestigious YTL Hotels collection, is delighted to announce that its new luxury dining offering in partnership with the acclaimed Caviar House & Prunier is now open for bookings! 

In perfect timing with celebrating its 20th Anniversary in 2023, Threadneedles Hotel from YTL Hotels in London is delighted to announce the opening of ‘Caviar House at Threadneedles’ in partnership with Caviar House & Prunier, for a luxury new dining experience that promises to redefine the dining scene in the Square Mile.

Having opened this autumn in the hotel’s iconic Bar and Dome Lounge which dates back to 1856, this exciting partnership offers guests a unique experience at Threadneedles. Food connoisseurs can savour world-class caviar and exquisite seafood, all whilst soaking in the quintessentially British atmosphere of this historic hotel. 

A former Victorian bank with history at its heart, Threadneedles Hotel exudes traditional grandeur and offers a welcome haven amongst the hustle and bustle of the City of London. With an already esteemed reputation amongst city executives and tourists alike, Threadneedles is delighted to be working with Caviar House & Prunier on this exciting new dining offering that promises to indulge the senses, draw on the heritage of both brands and take a blissful city break stay at Threadneedles to the next level.

In a new menu carefully curated by expert chefs known for their culinary artistry, gourmands can expect a journey for the senses that will take guests through a taste discovery of the sea. Starter courses include the BALIK Discovery which boasts delicate slivers of smoked salmon, whilst main courses on offer include a Seafood Platter brimming with oysters, salmon, shellfish and velvety Caviar House sauce; and the best-selling, tender Lobster Brioche Roll. For the ultimate culinary delight, there will also be a chance to try caviar itself – known as the diamonds of the sea.

Alongside this, there is an extensive wine pairing list and innovative cocktail creations designed by one of London’s leading mixologists, which will perfectly complement the Caviar House dishes. 

Guests are also invited to retreat to the charming and homely rooms in this five-star hotel for an overnight stay. The calming rooms are a welcome respite from the bustling capital and are each unique in shape and size due to the building’s former heritage as a bank building, offering every feature, service and amenity guests could need to guarantee a comfortable stay. 

There is an array of meeting rooms and event spaces on offer for a variety of occasions at Threadneedles, where classic Victorian architecture and contemporary interior design meet to create elegant spaces for corporate events or glamorous private celebrations. Moreover, Threadneedles is located just moments away from many of London’s must-visit attractions; from The Royal Exchange offering access to premium shopping, the iconic Shard and St. Paul’s Cathedral to the Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and even the Tate Modern. 

Caviar House at Threadneedles Hotel is available in the Bar Dome and Lounge, open for all-day dining. 

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