Classic Mistakes People Make When Planning Ski Holidays And How To Avoid Them

Few things beat the excitement of going on Chalet ski holidays. Travelling with family, friends or your loved one, it’s a cosy and memorable way to kick off the new year. Or you can go any time of year for that matter depending on your destination. However, a ski trip gone wrong can leave you sore, stranded, or just generally disgruntled. Avoid rookie mistakes with savvy planning that sets you up for an awesome snow adventure. Here we discuss the most common ski holiday pitfalls and tips to expertly dodge them:

Not Booking Lessons In Advance

Nothing’s worse than arriving at peak season ready to hit the slopes but finding lessons booked solid for days. Reserve your slot ahead of time to start skills progression immediately. Don’t leave it to chance you can walk in – popular instructors and time slots fill fast.

Bringing A Bulky Wardrobe

Overpacking bulky sweaters and jeans is a rookie error that makes travelling burdensome. Focus on packing light layers, thermals, and technical gear. You won’t use even half the casual outfit changes you envision needing. Limit luggage and enjoy the trip more.

Not Pre-Arranging Rentals

Don’t expect renting gear upon arrival to be seamless, especially for families needing multiple sets. Reserve rentals for delivery to your lodging ahead of time. Have sizes and styles ready to enjoy the mountain on your very first day, with no hassles.

Skipping The Sunscreen

Don’t decide one day without sunscreen won’t hurt – it definitely will lead to a miserable burn. Frostbite and skin cancer risks are real too. Respect the sun’s intensity at higher altitudes.

Assuming You’re Fit Enough

Under-estimating the athletic intensity of skiing leaves you wiped out on Day 1, not carving gracefully. Get in ski-specific strength, cardio and balance training starting months prior. Don’t risk spending your precious holiday exhausted on the bunny slope.

Not Checking The Snow Forecast

A dream ski trip can turn into a muddy nightmare in warm weather. Always verify forecasts and snow conditions in advance rather than assuming your dates will have prime powder. Have contingencies if it looks dicey like heading to higher elevation resorts. Piste Pro can help you to avoid any nasty surprises on your ski holiday. You can find the latest snow forecasts, weather forecasts and ski route guides at

Attempting Slopes Beyond Skill Level

Over-confidence causes accidents fast. Stick to green and blue runs appropriate for your current ability. Don’t feel self-conscious starting slowly. Trying advanced slopes before ready is begging for injury and ruins the enjoyment. Build up carefully.

Not Checking Equipment Before Leaving

Nothing’s worse than arriving to realise boots are badly fitted, or a ski binding is loose. Inspect and test out all gear thoroughly at home to identify issues and get replacements pre-trip rather than spoiling the first days sorting avoidable kit problems.

Assuming Kids Will Just Pick It Up

Children need lessons tailored to their age and skills too, not just adults. Don’t expect little ones to automatically master the technique. Book kids’ classes even for school-age lessons. Their enjoyment hinges on proper instruction.

Not Checking Equipment Age Limits

Most ski gear has minimum age requirements people overlook when renting for their kids. Verify your children meet height and weight limits for skis, boards, and bindings to avoid problems. Ask rental shops what they recommend based on your child’s specifics.

Not Getting Insurance Covering Medical Costs

Don’t discover after an injury that your existing insurance excludes winter sports and emergency medical air evacuations. Comprehensive winter sports policies are essential to avoid crippling bills from medical mishaps. Read the fine print.

Not Factor In Acclimatisation

Arriving from a low elevation and immediately hitting the slopes frequently leads to altitude sickness. Schedule gradual exposure and light activity for the first 1-2 days. Let your body adjust to the heights before pushing hard. Feeling sick derails holidays fast.

Anabel Cooper

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