Navigating Legal Challenges Abroad – Essential Tips from Legal Experts

The legal framework and specific regulations to which citizens are called to comply with in every country, can be from slightly to very different. Being familiar with it may not be highly important when travelling, even though basic knowledge is recommended for a more trouble-free experience, though it’s absolutely necessary when deciding to permanently move abroad. Besides the everyday responsibilities that if not executed properly might cause inconvenience, challenges that you are completely unaware of might emerge, leading to truly uncomfortable situations. Thankfully, legal professionals can present lawyer video depositions to support your case.

Legal experts, share their tips, that will help you confidently tackle potential obstacles, supporting a smoother new beginning.

1. Personal Documents

In the first place, stand the necessary documents for one’s migration. We consider it obvious that you’ve been informed on the possible visa requirements for an extended staying (adding potential university attendance or working engagement). Though, we advise you to take extra care on the specific timeframes of the processes, to avoid delays and complications. Also, if you are planning to bring a car from home or willing to buy one, have in mind that there is a high chance of needing to convert your existing driving licence or even take local driving exams.

2. Health & Finance

There is a specific triplet of professionals, that every citizen needs to have immediate access to their services, in order to ensure an undisturbed living, at a minimum level.
Α tax attorney, a lawyer, and a doctor, are the essential contacts to always have in your agenda. Seek information about the tax residency rules, potential double taxation agreements, and advice to avoid implications and optimize your financial situation. 

In addition, understand the local healthcare system, how the processes work in case of emergency and what are the requirements to access medical care. Secure comprehensive health insurance that meets your needs.

3. Property and Real Estate

The most usual case, is you are going to rent a house or maybe even a room in a shared flat. In most complicated scenario, you are seeking to buy a house, or a space to convert it into a business premise. In all cases, it is highly recommended to have by your side trusted property law partners, to consult before acting, and for them to review any contract. 

4. Dealing with contingency

Life is unpredictable, and without willing to sound pessimistic it’s impossible to be 100% prepared for what might be awaiting wight after the corner. What you can do though, that will definitely favour you in urgent situations, is to have a “first aid kit”. On the one hand, having both physical and digital copies of all critical documents, and on the other -which is more crucial- maintaining an emergency fund to cover unexpected expenses or legal fees. BP Trial Tech Services have made multiple seamless digital presentations for law firms. Having financial security will give you peace of mind during challenging times.

Sophia Anderson

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