The Best Comedy Clubs in London

In search of the greatest comedy clubs in London? You have come to the correct place.

The city is overflowing with comedy clubs and evenings presenting the finest of British live comedy, from scripted stand-up to improv shows. Whether you want to see a major celebrity perform live or you prefer supporting up-and-coming comedians, you do not have to go far for a side-splitting show.

Are you ready to laugh? Let’s take a look at a few of London’s top comedy nights.

Big Belly Comedy Club

Unlike the usual claustrophobic comedy club cellars that are often thought to be the norm, the Big Belly Comedy Club London has a big, covered, and heated beer garden for al fresco eating in addition to its inside stage – ideal for the endless boozing that many of the evenings entail. 

You may eat and drink al fresco here. There are six street food vendors providing anything from Wagyu burgers and Greek meals to French tacos, pizza, and more.

Otherwise, it’s business as usual, with seven days of stand-up a week and comedians of all degrees of renown attempting to make you laugh.

The Bill Murray

The Bill Murray in Angel – formerly the Mucky Pup bar – is the idea of the crew behind the extremely successful pay-what-you-want show Angel Comedy. The venue features Angel Comedy concerts on a regular basis, as well as various experimental line-up shows, solo presentations, and works-in-progress.

Angel Comedy

On Fridays and Saturdays, you can see emerging talents and a few established comics perform their funniest performances, while weekdays include new material spots, improv troupes, or solo shows. But the most appealing aspect of Angel Comedy is the open, inviting attitude – despite being a cheap/free show, the audience is all there for the comedy rather than a cheap night out.

Covent Garden Comedy Club

Since its inception in 2002, Covent Garden Comedy Club, located within Drury Lane’s Prince of Wales Pub, has been hailed as the greatest in the city by many.

This comedy club has had the privilege of hosting the UK’s best comedians throughout the years. Rob Beckett, Rufus Hound, and Rudi Lickwood have all cut their teeth at this amusing place.

The Boat Show

The lineups aboard this floating comedy club are typically excellent, including a mix of circuit veterans, breakout TV stars, and established up-and-comers. On Tuesdays, you can be a £6 ‘guinea pig’ for new content for famous performers. Alternatively, wait until the weekend for polished, big-name lineups at reasonable pricing.

99 Club

After earning the prize for London’s greatest comedy club 10 years in a row, it is apparent that 99 Club is the place to go if you are looking for some genuine belly laughs.

The club has a regular roster of Chris McCausland, Sara Barron, and Darren Harriot, as well as a sprinkling of new arrivals every now and then, with events running between Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Keep a watch out for new materials evenings, where comedians will exhibit their latest routines in a slightly trial-and-error show, hopefully ensuring light entertainment.

Rachel Bartee

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