Discover Europe’s Best and Most Popular Beaches for 2023

Social media has become a powerful tool for travellers seeking inspiration and recommendations for their next holiday destinations. From golden sands lapped by calm waves to tiny stony coves bathed by crystal-clear waters, Europe is undoubtedly home to some of the world’s most dazzling beaches. But which ones are trending the most on social media this year?

Holidu, the holiday rental booking portal, has worked on an extensive study to reveal the most popular beaches in the UK and Europe on Instagram and TikTok. Whether you’re a sunbather, water sports enthusiast or nature lover, this list has something for everyone. So, grab your sunglasses, put on some sun cream and get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of these incredible beaches.

1. Omaha Beach, France | 152,376 Instagram Hashtags & 132,000,000 TikTok Views

An iconic beach on the Normandy coast, Omaha Beach tops the European ranking. With no fewer than 152,376 Instagram hashtags and 132,000,000 TikTok views, this Normandy beach intrigues travellers from all over the world. Its endless sea sand, waters that are often mistaken for the horizon and history linked to the Normandy landings make it both a picturesque and emotionally charged place. Omaha Beach offers visitors a unique experience where natural beauty and historical heritage come together in harmony.

2. Playa de Las Canteras, Gran Canaria | 286,340 Instagram Hashtags & 14,600,000 TikTok views

To find the most popular beach in Spain we must travel to the island of Gran Canaria, where on its north coast we find Playa de Las Canteras. A beautiful beach that has captivated thousands of sun and sea-loving tourists, who have made this beach an incredible success on social media.

In total, 286,340 hashtags on Instagram and 14,600,000 views on TikTok, making its stunning stretch of golden sand, crystal clear waters and impressive coral reef that stretches along the coastline internationally renowned. In addition, for those who choose to visit, you’ll also find a lively promenade offering a variety of restaurants, bars and shops to enjoy after a day at the beach.

3. Praia da Rocha, Portugal | 118,596 Instagram Hashtags & 3,700,000 TikTok Views

In first place in the ranking is Praia da Rocha, a very captivating beach situated along the stunning Algarve coast. With its golden sand and crystal-clear waters, it offers a serene and picturesque setting for bathers. The beach is framed by dramatic cliffs and rock formations, adding a touch of natural beauty to its charm. With its natural charm and lively atmosphere, Praia da Rocha is a much-loved destination for locals and tourists looking for the perfect beach getaway.

4. Zandvoort Beach, The Netherlands | 125,577 Instagram Hashtags & 3,700,000 TikTok views

Zandvoort Beach with a whopping 125,577 Instagram hashtags and 3,700,000 TikTok views, Zandvoort Beach proudly tops the rankings. This iconic beach attracts thousands of visitors every year for its vast sand dunes and vibrant atmosphere. Whether sunbathing, water sports or relaxing at one of the trendy beach clubs, Zandvoort Beach offers something for everyone. It is no surprise that this beach has such a large following on social media.

5. Elafonisi Lagoon, Crete | 98,518 Instagram Hashtags & 10,300,000 TikTok views

No ranking of the best beaches in Europe would be complete without a feature from the fabulous Greek Islands. Elafonisi Lagoon is a natural wonder on the southwest coast of Crete, famous for its pink sand, which is created by crushed shells over thousands of years. Scoring more than 10 million views on TikTok, this beach is a clear favourite on social media. This beach is no stranger to praise and was even named one of Tripadvisor’s top beaches in the world. These are just
some of the reasons to charter a yacht in Greece and explore its breathtaking coastal treasures firsthand.

The Most Popular Beaches in the United Kingdom for 2023

Spain, Greece and Portugal are just a few of the European countries that are famed for their fantastic beaches. But the United Kingdom also has an abundance of beaches that are well worth seeing. Every summer, hordes of tourists flock to the UK’s most popular seaside resorts to enjoy the British coastline. But which beaches are trending the most on social media?

1. Weymouth Beach, Dorset | 44,587 Instagram Hashtags & 64,700,000 TikTok views

Weymouth Beach has emerged as the clear winner, with an impressive 64,700,000 TikTok views, making it the most popular beach on social media in the United Kingdom for 2023. Visitors have been captivated by its golden sands, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant atmosphere, as evidenced by the numerous Instagram hashtags associated with the beach. The beach also has over 5,000 reviews on Google with an average of a 4.7 star rating, proving its popularity. 

2. Horsey Beach, Norfolk | 19,033 Instagram Hashtags & 1,874,800 TikTok views

Horsey Beach takes the second spot, with 1,874,800 TikTok views, showcasing its picturesque dunes, abundant wildlife, and tranquil surroundings. This wild and unspoiled sandy beach is backed by one of the largest sand dune systems on the east coast, where you can enjoy scenic walks and take in breathtaking views. The beach is also home to a large colony of grey seals, who come to the shore to have their pups between November and January. The beach is also part of the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Broads National Park, which is why it’s a real treat for any nature lovers. 

3. Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire | 18,017 Instagram Hashtags & 12,500,000 TikTok views 

Freshwater West is a beach in Pembrokeshire in West Wales and is part of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. It is a very popular destination for surfers, nature lovers and film fans. The beach is also home to an extensive system of dunes, a rocky reef and some quiet bays that offer stunning scenery and wildlife. The beach has been featured in several films, such as Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, where it was used as the backdrop for Dobby’s Shell Cottage!

4. Woolacombe Beach, Devon | 27,567 Instagram Hashtags & 555,000 TikTok views

Woolacombe Beach is a stunning seaside resort in North Devon, England, that offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors of all ages and interests. Whether you want to relax on the golden sand, surf the waves, explore the coastal trails, or enjoy the local cuisine, Woolacombe Beach has something for everyone. The beach is 3 miles long, family-owned and award-winning, with excellent facilities and lifeguards. You can also admire the views of the Atlantic Ocean and Lundy Island, or learn about the history of the beach, which was used for training by the US Army during WW2. 

5. New Quay Beach, Ceredigion | 18,474 Instagram Hashtags & 790,300 TikTok views

In 5th place, we return to Wales and to New Quay Beach in Ceredigion. This beach is located in the charming seaside town of New Quay on the Welsh west coast. The beach is a golden arc of sand and rocks, with a sheltered harbour where you can watch the fishing and pleasure boats, or take a trip to see the bottlenose dolphins that frequent the bay. The beach is also part of the Cardigan Bay Marine Heritage Coast, a protected area for wildlife and natural beauty. New Quay Beach is a perfect place to relax, enjoy the sea views, and explore the quaint town and its surroundings.

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