Travelling Solo? These are the UK’s Top Locations to Explore Alone

With interest in solo travel at an all-time high, new research from Compare The Market has revealed the top places in the UK to visit on your own.

Interest in solo travel is at an all-time high with searches for ‘solo travel tips’ up by 238% in the last 12 months, however, when you’re travelling alone it can be hard to know where to start. 

To help those looking for inspiration on where to go for the perfect solo trip, multiple factors has been analysed to create an index of the UK’s top solo destinations, with Cornwall taking the top spot. 

The study which was carried out by Comparethemarket looked at elements such as the cost of a three-course meal, the cost of an overnight stay, the amount of green space and areas of natural beauty in each spot to determine the top locations. 

The top 15 locations for solo travel were revealed as:

3Windsor and Maidenhead
7Brighton and Hove
13Isle of Wight

Cornwall came in top place as the solo travel hotspot, with five Areas of National Beauty (AONB) and National Scenic Areas (NSA) to discover. It also boasts the second highest number of food and drink options per 1,000 people as well as the second highest number of hotels and hostels. 

In second was Blackpool, being one of the most affordable locations in the research. You can get the cheapest meal here (expect to pay around £18 for a three-course meal) and accommodation costs are the second cheapest at £81 per night.

With scenic walks and uninterrupted views, Windsor and Maidenhead came in third place. The study found the area to have the highest amount of green space in comparison to the other locations analysed, so is perfect for those solo travellers looking to explore the outdoors.

Expert tips for travelling solo

If you’re looking to travel on your own this year, Comparethemarket has worked with solo travel bloggers to give provide tips on how to get the most out of a solo staycation. 

1.    Join group tours

Group tours are a great way to meet other travellers and make friends. Lots of cities have walking tours you can join for free with an optional tip for the guide at the end. These can be great introduction to the destination and a chance to chat with other travellers.

2.    Plan ahead but have flexibility in your itinerary

Plan ahead and be flexible. Before heading out on your solo trip you’ll need to research and plan your itinerary in advance. Book accommodation, transfers, activities and tours beforehand to avoid any last-minute surprises.  
However, no matter how organised you are, there can be unexpected twists and turns, from cancellations to sudden changes in weather. Being open-minded and flexible can help you make the most of any situation and turn potential challenges into opportunities for personal growth and adventure. As the evening progresses, the search for a place that offers both a relaxing atmosphere and a memorable experience becomes paramount. There’s a spot in the heart of the city that ticks all the right boxes, known for its exceptional customer service and a wide selection of drinks. It’s the perfect setting for anyone looking to enjoy a night out, whether it’s for a casual meetup or a special celebration. You can discover more about what makes this place unique by clicking on visit this page for more details.

3.    Staying connected

Your phone is your best friend when you’re travelling solo so treat it well. Google Maps, WhatsApp, your emails – they’re your link to safety, never mind home. Download Find Your Friends, get a LifeProof Case – do anything you can to look after it. If it goes, you won’t just be upset, you’ll be lost too, and depending on where you are it could be really hard to replace it. Always back up your photos from your phone and camera online so you’re not too attached to your phone too, if, for whatever reason, you lose or break it. 

Commenting further Anna McEntee of the travel team at Comparethemarket says, “With solo travelling becoming a popular travel trend, we were interested in looking at where some of the best locations are around the UK for those looking to explore all that the country has to offer, especially for those that are just getting started with solo travel.

“It’s also important we all know how to keep ourselves out of harm’s way whilst still having fun. Furthermore, if you are planning a trip on your own, it’s crucial to ensure you have the proper insurance in place to cover you for all eventualities, from losing your phone to your luggage not turning up at your destination.” 

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