Five Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Visit to the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are truly special and have so much to offer. Their unique scenery and their incredible biodiversity make this region of the world really awe-inspiring and magical. In fact, according to, about 80% of the land birds, 97% of the reptiles and land mammals, and more than 30% of the plants that are on these islands are endemic. Furthermore, more than 20% of the marine species in Galapagos are also unique to this area.

These islands are simply incredible and here are some useful tips that will really help you make the most of your once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

1. Go on a cruise.

Although you can take in the Galapagos Islands by land, it is far easier and quicker to do it by taking a cruise. You can get the best P&O cruises to the area, and they offer an excellent experience. Also, when you take a cruise, much of the time taken travelling can happen at night, so you don’t even notice it. 

Normally, if you’re going by cruise, you fly out from Ecuador to join the ship and then travel between the various islands, enjoying the wonders of each one as you go. You also get to meet new people on the ship, experience exquisite service on board, and also enjoy a fine dining experience every day. 

2. Get a good camera and familiarise yourself with it. 

With its awe-inducing landscapes, its unique biodiversity and its wealth of endemic species, this is the type of holiday where you really don’t want to miss a thing and where you want to hold onto memories forever. 

Ensure that you are familiar with the camera you have chosen and that you know how to use it well. Wildlife moves fast and you need to snap it before it disappears! If you can get one, a submersible camera that allows you to take underwater shots will definitely help add to your experience.

3. Pack your essentials.

Yes, you will need the usual holiday items like your passport, clothing, money, and so on. However, the Galapagos does have some special requirements too. 

Situated near the equator, you will find the days quite hot and the nights quite cool, so you will need a strong sun lotion and a selection of jumpers. The landscape can also be muddy, rocky and wet, so make sure you have a strong pair of comfortable hiking boots or shoes.

4. Don’t forget aquatic life!

Many excursions focus on the unique wildlife that sits above the waves, like the wonderful frigatebird, Galapagos crake, Conolophus, red-footed booby, and the Galapagos giant tortoise. However, beneath the surface of the crystal-clearwater are turtles, sea lions, black-nosed butterflyfishes, pufferfishes, parrotfishes, king angelfishes, and yellowtail surgeonfish, to name but a few. 

5. Know where you’re not wanted!

The Galapagos Islands are beautiful beyond words and thousands of people each year go to visit them. However, never forget that these islands are full of delicate ecosystems and rare fauna and flora. The areas safe for you to explore are clearly defined and you should stay within these boundaries at all times. 

As such, stick to the areas that are designated to you and respect the hard conservation work that is ongoing in the area.

Riya Sander

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