4 Dog-Friendly Things to do in Nantucket

Many dog parents do not feel comfortable leaving their furbabies at a pet hotel, kennel, or other boarding facilities when they go on vacation. 

But while some destinations are too far away or are not suitable for dogs, Nantucket is a dog-friendly island where you and your furry friend can have the best vacation ever.

Although it is located 30 miles south of Cape Cod and Mainland Massachusetts, Nantucket can be reached in an hour or just over two hours via ferry or even faster by plane. 

Cape Air is a dog-friendly airline that has regular flights to Nantucket from Boston and Hyannis. It will cost you only about $30 to take your pup with you on one of their flights.

If you feel more comfortable getting to the island by sea, you can take your pup for free on the traditional Steamship Authority ferries and on the passenger-only high-speed Hy-Line Cruises ferries.

Even better, there are many dog-friendly rental residences that you can book for your vacation with your pet. In some hotels and inns which accept dogs in Nantucket, you will need to pay an additional fee, and there are restrictions on the size and number of dogs you can bring over. Luckily, in many of the available short-term rentals which accept dogs, there are no such added fees or restrictions. Plus, some rentals come with amenities for canines, such as crates, dog beds, food and water bowls, and even beach towels.

Once you set foot on this idyllic island, there are hundreds of things to do and enjoy without leaving behind your pup at all.

Since the best way to get around in Nantucket is by bike, you can rent a bicycle along with a Burley Trailer for your pup once for your stay too.

As for the rest of your stay, here are four things to do when vacationing with dogs in Nantucket.

Visit the Dog Park

The Nantucket Land Bank Dog Park was opened late last year and is the only fenced-in dog park on the island. It is at 5 Miacomet Road at the corner with Surfside Road. The park has a 41,200 square foot area for large dogs, a 26,620 square foot area for smaller-sized pups, as well as a convenient parking area.

This is among the best and safest places to take your dog to enjoy some socializing and off-leash exploring and playtime during your stay in Nantucket.

Take Your Pup to Dog-Friendly Restaurants with You

In recent decades, Nantucket has become one of New England’s top-preferred foodie destinations and culinary centers. The good news for dog parents is that many of the eateries on the island are dog-friendly so that you can share your experience with your four-legged companion. Many of the diners and restaurants have outdoor tables where you can enjoy your meal or beverage alongside your furry friend. Some of them include Black Eyed Susan’s, where you can enjoy a hearty brunch or breakfast. You can take Fido to the Sandbar at Jetties Beach, where you can eat delicious lobster, oysters, clams, hot dogs, tacos, and more.

You can also take a walk to Bartlett’s Farm with your pet. There you can buy the freshest local produce as well as snacks and drinks and enjoy a picnic in the beautiful area with your pup.

Or pack some snacks and drinks and head off to the 73-acre Tupancy Links, a popular spot for off-leash dog walking on the island.

Head off to the beach with your pup

Leashed dogs are welcome on many of the stunning beaches on the island on all shores. In the summer, from April to August included, dogs are allowed only before or after lifeguard hours (before 9:00 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m.). They are permitted at all times on the beaches where there are no lifeguards during the high season.

The water on the island’s north shore is calmer, shallower, and warmer. Some of the dog-friendly beaches there include Children’s Beach and Jetties Beach.

The other beaches where you can take your pup with you include Siasconset Beach, Miacomet Beach, Madaket Beach, Monomoy Beach, Nobadeer Beach, Francis Street Beach, and more.

Go on Leashed and Off-leash Walks

Some of the best off-leash dog walking areas in Nantucket include Sandford Farms West, Sanford Farms, and Tupancy Links. You can get there via bike or the shuttle bus, which allows dogs.

The other places you can enjoy playing and walking your pup during your vacation in Nantucket include the Masquetuck Trail, Squam Farm, the Milestone Cranberry Bogs, and the trail to and from the highest point of the island, Altar Rock.

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