Tanzania eVisa: Explore the 5 Best Destinations in Tanzania

Tanzania offers the most fascinating sites on the African continent. Visit the marvelous Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa, rising 5,895 meters. The iconic image framing Mount Kilimanjaro National Park will stay in your mind forever. Although most tourists visit national parks to see the wildlife, on Kilimanjaro, the landscape drives the masses. If you’re looking to climb the mountain, the best season is between June and October. The landscape offers three volcanic cones, Shira, Kibo, and Mawenzi. The highest point is Uhuru Peak. The park also protects leopards, monkeys, elephants, and more. 

Explore the Serengeti National Park, a vast plain where animals pass through searching for fresh grasslands. It’s known for its annual wildebeest migration and the Big Five (the most famous animals in Africa). Also, you can spot over 500 bird species. Most tourists visit between June and September to see the magnificent wildlife. If you’re lucky, see zebras and gazelles running through the plain. 

Continue to the gorgeous island of Zanzibar, or locally known as Unguja. This major holiday destination is famous due to its beaches. There are two islands here, Zanzibar and Pemba offering the best beaches on this side of Africa. It’s easy to find white sand and clear waters for a relaxing getaway.

Don’t miss the chance to visit the historical city of Stone Town, with its charming Arabian townhouses.     

Explore the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, home to the Ngorongoro Crater, a popular viewing area for wild animals. Thousands of animals gather here due to the permanent supply of water. Most visitors come here to see elephants, rhinos, lions, buffaloes, and more animals. Birdwatching is another relevant activity around here. Lake Magadi is the perfect spot to see lots of bird species. Aside from the flamingoes and shallows, hippos will be around enjoying the water.

Finally, you can explore Olduvai Gorge, an archaeological site with ancient skulls and bone fragments. It provides significant information about the first humans on earth.

Centuries of erosion have revealed fossils and bones. In 1911, the first remains were found by a German professor. Later on, the Leakeys collected skulls and bones thought to be 2 million years old. Weapons dating back 1.5 million years ago were also found here. Nearby, you can visit Laetoli, where the famous footprints of a man, woman, and child were found. This finding provides an inside look at three hominid species in the same region. Can you imagine how whole families lived here millions of years ago? Tanzania has everything you need. Travel now.

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