8 Reasons Your Family Needs a Motorhome 

Family holidays are something that most of us look forward to, especially when our children are very young and take so much joy from exploring new places and throwing themselves into new experiences. But for the majority of people, family holidays are something that we have to save up for and work towards. These big getaways are expensive and mean that we have to take time away from work. A lot of families struggle to get away for a week every year, let alone more than this. 

This might mean that throughout your children’s time at home you only visit a few places together, and only take 20 or so holidays as a family. But what if you owned your own motorhome? What if transport and accommodation were no longer something that you had to worry about? What if you could get away whenever the mood took you? Many families never consider the idea of owning a motorhome, instead opting for luxury hotels and resorts. But there are many advantages of making this investment, not least that you can get away at the drop of a hat. Here’s a look at eight of them.

A Motorhome Will Save You Money

Motorhomes are, of course, an expense. There’s the upfront cost of the vehicle itself, as well as fuel, maintenance, and motorhome insurance. But you can limit these costs by buying second-hand, choosing an efficient motorhome, and looking for affordable motorhome insurance online, and if you think about how much you’d spend over the next 10 years on hotels, transport and the related costs of travel, chances are it’s a very worthwhile expense. 

Even better, when you are ready to upgrade, you’ll be able to sell your motorhome and recoup some of the cost. You can’t do that with holidays. 

It Will Increase Spontaneity

Family holidays take a lot of careful planning, saving and preparation. Few of us can just up and go when we fancy it. When you have a motorhome, all you need is somewhere to park up for the weekend. You don’t have to book anything else in advance, and it’s far more affordable. 

It Makes Weekends Away a Possibility

Weekends away are something that most of us would love. But by the time we’ve finished work or picked the kids up on Friday, there’s only so far you can go to make it worth your while, and no one wants to spend hours at an airport for little more than a day of relaxation. 

When you have a motorhome, you can leave straight away and be at your destination before dinner, giving you a lot more time to enjoy yourselves. 

A Motorhome Can Help You to Connect with Distant Family

Nowadays more of us have family spread out around the country and visiting can be hard when we have busy lifestyles and commitments. A motorhome makes it far easier to visit, and your family won’t need to worry about putting you up. It also means that they’ll always have somewhere to sleep when they come to see you. 

Holidaying with Teens Might be Easier

Travelling with teens can be a tough. They want their own stuff, privacy, and space and often, some time alone. They certainly don’t want to be sharing a room with parents and younger siblings or being dragged to family events. A motorhome can give them a base, and even be a chance for them to invite a friend. This can make holidaying with teenage children far less stressful. 

Packing Will be a Breeze

One of the most time-consuming parts of travelling with family is packing. You’ll spend time writing a list, shopping, and then trying to fit everything that you need into your packing allowance. It can be a nightmare, especially when children are little and need lots of very specific things. 

When you have a motorhome, you can pack as much as you want. You can even leave things in the motorhome for the next time. You’ll never need to worry about taking a first aid kit, as it can live in your motorhome. Nor will you need to worry about how to cook, or where you’ll eat, and you’ll always have a kitchen that you have stocked yourself. 

Travel Becomes Less Stressful

Holidays are great, but typically the travel itself, with queues, delays, waiting around and rushing to gates, can be a bit of a nightmare. When you have a motorhome, the journey is part of the holiday. It’s something to enjoy and a chance to get around without stress. 

The Opportunity to Work

Sometimes, as much as we’d like to take time off, it’s not an option. A motorhome means that having to work doesn’t have to stop you from travelling. You can easily take your office or workspace with you. 

The best thing about owning a motorhome is that you’ve always got options. This is great when your kids are young, but even long after they’ve left home, it means that you can continue to see the world and enjoy some freedom.

Riya Sander

Riya is an inspired writer, passionate about traveling, lifestyle and encouraging startups. As a freelancer she understands the importance of productivity at work. She never stopped finding new ways to create her work productivity. Follow her on Twitter @sanderriya