The Valencia Culinary Festival is Back with the Most Wonderful Gastronomic Offerings

A new edition of the Valencia Culinary Festival has been announced following a year’s hiatus due to the pandemic. Starting on 30 May, and taking place until 12 June, the fifth edition of the festival will offer fifteen days of the best of Valencian gastronomy, showcasing the work of international producers, chefs and waiters.  

Four Hands Menu – A journey across the Mediterranean 

A collaborative series of dishes with no restrictions on recipes, ingredients or techniques, a ‘four hands menu’ is a delight to experience, especially when chefs collaborate across cultures. Participating restaurants include Apicius with Enrique Medina and Yoko Hasei, and Restaurant El Poblet’s with Luis Valls and Atsushi Tanaka. 

Tastings, workshops and talks showcasing the Valencian gastronomy

The Valencia Culinary Festival is packed with a strong programme of events and experiences that highlight the work and collaborations of gastronomy experts. Key areas of interest at the festival include the Central Market, Ricard Camarena’s vegetable garden, oyster farm ‘Les perles de València’ and the Museum of Rice. 

Festival events include wine tasting, oil tasting, children’s cooking workshops with a visit to the vegetable garden at Villa Indiano, a cooking masterclass with adaptogens developed by Begoístas, talks with Valencian producers at Casa Montaña, and cocktail-making at Hotel Only You Valencia and Rte La Salita. 

To complement Valencia’s distinction as this year’s World Design Capital, the programme will also feature three renowned Valencian designers discussing the importance of design in gastronomy. 

Check out the full line-up and make you reservations here:  

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