How the Jet Card Members Benefit

There are benefits to flying by private jet in general and also extra benefits when you opt for a jet card membership. The main advantage of holding a jet card just like this one from Jettly is that you can guarantee 24/7 flights on a private jet. This provides peace of mind that you will always be able to fly whatever day or time it is. This is invaluable for last-minute business deals, for instance. It also allows for being able to accept holiday cancellations and save. On top of this, the private jet card will also be providing discounts and extra benefits. If you fly regularly with sky aviation, then a jet card membership is something of a must.

For individuals inspired by the allure of flying and seeking a more hands-on experience, becoming a pilot is a compelling option. Aviation training, often initiated through flight school, opens doors for aspiring pilots to realize their dreams of taking command of the skies. Whether pursuing a career in commercial aviation or aiming for the thrill of private jet piloting, flight schools offer comprehensive programs to impart the necessary skills and knowledge. Aspiring pilots can embark on a journey through flight school, honing their abilities and gaining the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of the aviation industry. The prospect of obtaining a private pilot’s license becomes an achievable goal, enabling individuals to explore the skies from the cockpit.


It is a bonus to always be able to get onto a flight, whatever day and time it is. Sometimes things are last minute. If they are not, we can deliberately make them that way to save money when we possess a jet card membership. This is something only possible when you fly by private jet in the first place.

A Cost-Effective Way to Fly

If you are looking to fly cost-effectively, but still want the luxury attached, then you should be looking at arranging a private jet card membership for yourself. It is the best way to effectively manage your travel plans when you fly regularly.

Jet cards are not restricted to location or the number of users. A private jet card is for global use and can be used by an unlimited number of users.

Roundtrips will generally qualify for a 15% discount when you are a jet card member. Because the aircraft is not flying over the same ground, due to excellent coordination of services, much fuel is saved. This is good for the planet and the pocket of those flying. That is when a jet card is possessed that will take care of the discount for you.

Another way to save money with a private jet is to consider Jetpooling. The idea of Jetpooling is to share the jet and so the cost. It takes away an element of privacy but still offers greater privacy than with a commercial airline. This is in terms of no airport check-ins and then fewer people once aboard the aircraft and flying.

Last-Minute Cancellations

Any last-minute cancellations will usually cost you dearly. Not with private jet cards, however, because they will mean that you will not incur cancellation fees. This is an important benefit for those who fly on aircraft when travel restrictions can suddenly curtail your plans. Someone has to pay for a last-minute cancellation, but it need not be you.


Not all changes will be from events beyond our control. We can, for instance, choose to change our cabin sizes without incurring a premium charge. This might be useful for a hen party, for example, when you wish to add to the guest list or just have more space for friends to enjoy themselves. You might have been trying to keep wedding costs to a minimum, but for most, it is something that only happens once in a lifetime. Make the most of it and ensure changes are possible without cost by having a private jet card membership.

We can fly everywhere by private jet if we wish, no matter how short a distance it is, without penalty. That luxury can then be experienced with every flying situation. Most people who have experienced a private flight just once will never look back and consider commercial flying their option. That level of luxury can become addictive. This is a good thing, though. Why should we not spoil ourselves as often as possible? Why should we not impress the clients that we do business with?

It is worth considering joining this exclusive club and becoming a jet club member. It only applies to those who travel by private jet, which is luxury anyway. We can make that luxury cost-effective and a more flexible arrangement when we combine it with the jet card membership. It then becomes a reason to want to fly more often. Everyone who you will have as a guest passenger can benefit from this scheme. All we need to do is to put it into action.

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