Finding Dog-Friendly Cottages with Hot Tubs

Want to go abroad and experience the UK in a more isolated, personal way? Struggling to find a place that will let your family pet come too? Even if you can cull the list down to 26 fantastic dog friendly holidays with hot tubs, that does not always make it easy to figure out which one is best.

Here are a few things to consider when you are planning your next getaway and how you can find the right cottages for your stay. Always put your own preferences first, especially when you are preparing for a holiday that is meant to be special.


As stated by experts from a dog boarding near me, a dog does not take up much room, but a smaller cottage can mean that you are all in the same space. Do you want the dog to be able to prowl around your bedroom, potentially waking you up in the middle of the night? What about if you are on holiday to work on personal projects and do not want to get distracted?

Consider the size and layout of each property that interests you, then compare that with how your dog acts. A calm dog will not be a hassle, but if your furry friend occasionally starts barking for attention, you might want at least one or two separated spaces.

Animal Suitability

A cottage might allow dogs, but is it suitable for your dog? Remember that dog-friendly cottages can still vary in size and shape, often having completely different sets of features even if they are in the same part of the country – and some of these differences might be an issue for your dog.

For example, a cottage with two separate beds might be a hassle if your dog insists on getting in the double bed with you and your partner. You also need to worry about things like interior staircases, things that a clumsy dog could fall down.

Consider your own dog’s behavior when looking at dog-friendly holidays, and try to remember what kind of safety measures you might have to take with them. Even something small, like your dog’s habit of jumping smaller fences, could mean that you need to keep a close eye on the garden.

The Hot Tub

Some people prefer outdoor hot tubs, ones that can keep you warm in the cold afternoon air. For others, the focus is on indoor hot tubs, places that can warm the entire house without you needing to go outside and let a chill in.

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Either one is great, but if you have a personal preference, it is important to keep that in mind. Not all listings will show off the hot tub in the images themselves, so be sure to check the description of the cottage in case you are mistaken about which one you would be getting.

This can also matter for privacy reasons. An isolated cottage might not get many visitors or passers-by, but it is understandable to prefer an indoor hot tub if you are self-conscious or do not want to be noticed. It is also a lot more convenient if you are worried about sudden weather changes.

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