Sailing in Croatia – a Brief Guide

Exploring Croatia on the sea is one of the best ways to reveal the best-hidden gems that the country has to offer. There are many options for sailing the waters around Croatia, but they all provide idyllic calm, clear waters, untouched bays and many islands to explore. Whether you are a novice sailor looking to hone your skills, and want to Experience Dubrovnik, an experienced sea-farer looking for a relaxing holiday or simply want to charter a boat and skipper for the trip of a lifetime, Croatia is a brilliant option.

Where to Go

With over 2,000 islands, islets and reefs dotted across the Croatian coastline and the bustling ports and cities on the mainland, Croatia has a great deal to offer tourists looking to explore by boat. 

The North of the country offers the Istrian peninsula and Kvarner Bay. Here you can find many marinas and the Italian influence on the region is easy to notice. This area provides cosmopolitan living and the benefits that come along with this. If your idea of a successful trip is to fill up local food and culture, consider visiting this region. 

Other places worth visiting include the Kornati National Park, where you can find tranquil and untouched wilderness. Additionally, central Dalmatia will fulfil the needs of most holidaymakers. Here you will find many marinas where you can dock while you explore the iconic city of Split and swim in the clear blue waters. 

When to Go

When planning your sailing trip to Croatia, you should avoid late July and August if at all possible. Around this time, the waters are seething with the many Italian tourists that travel to the country en masse, making access to marinas more difficult. Also, during this period, the increased number of tourists means that many marina operators will raise mooring prices. 

While this may be the warmest time of the year, you can still enjoy the sunny climate in May and June, and the weather will usually hold up until September. Some restaurants and remote areas may be inaccessible at this time, as there is less incentive for places to open their doors in the off-season. However, you will be able to find places to moor your vessel more easily and can explore the country at a more leisurely pace while avoiding the throngs of tourists. 

How to Get Around

So obviously, you’ve decided you want to explore the country by boat, but what vessel is suitable for your experience and budget? 

If you own center console boats with reliable marine engine mounts and are an experienced sailor, you likely don’t need to worry about this. Don’t forget to bring spare boat batteries especially if you’re planning to go sailing for a while. However, if you are looking to charter a yacht for a holiday, consider a Sukosan yacht rental. A yacht charter in Sukosan, a village around 10km from Zadar, will allow you to explore the best that Croatia has to offer.


Overall, Croatia is a fantastic option if you are looking for somewhere in the Med to explore by boat. The stunning coastline, culture and warm waters make for a holiday that you will not soon forget.

Riya Sander

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