The Best Burlesque Shows to Enjoy in London

Going to a Burlesque show is such a fun way to spend your evening. Variety is the word to remember here. No two Burlesque shows are alike. Each venue hosts a fantastic array of performances and experiences for all its visitors. London is home to a wide array of Burlesque clubs and there are so many you can pick from. Below you’ll find just a few of our favourites to help you get started. 

Gin House Burlesque 

Take a step back in time to the prohibition era at Gin House Burlesque. This club is located on Kingsland Road in East London. Knock on the doors of the Gin House and be whisked away into a stylish, speakeasy, venue. High-end Burlesque meets the magic of circus performances to create a truly unforgettable evening. There are four floors you can explore, each offering an interactive, vintage, experience for you to enjoy.

High Tea and Tease

Next up there’s High Tea and Tease, which takes place at the CellarDoor cocktail bar, located underneath the Aldwych hotel. Every Saturday afternoon there’s an abundance of performers. Expect cabaret and cupcakes, alongside tea and magic. It’s got all of the charms of a British afternoon tea, with an added oomph. It’s a show quite like no other. To get into the spirit of things, you could wear your own sexy lingerie for the show. 

Freedom Bar 

You can’t write a list of London’s best Burlesque shows without mentioning Soho. It’s one of the main entertainment neighbourhoods in London. Soho always offers a great night out, especially if you pop into a Burlesque bar. This is where the Freedom Bar comes into its own. With Kinky Kabaret every week, drag queens and live music, you’re always welcome to join the party. Grab a cocktail and enjoy the show. 

The Courtesan 

If you like your Burlesque served with dim sum and delicious cocktails, The Courtesan can tick that box for you. Based in Brixton, this unique restaurant offers something different with its burlesque approach. There are always events happening at The Courtesan. From Burlesque and Cabaret to opera and international artists. This unique restaurant has something to suit everyone’s tastes.

Phoenix Arts Club 

Last, but by no means least there is the Phoenix Arts Club. Despite its central location between Soho and Covent Garden, it’s a hidden gem of a bar. It’s tucked away up a side street and underneath the Phoenix Theatre. It hosts a brilliant mix of cabaret, live music, Burlesque and LGBTQ+ entertainment. There’s always something new to discover.

You are truly spoilt for choice for Burlesque shows in London. The best thing is you can keep on discovering shows as no one evening will be the same. Which Burlesque show do you think you’ll check out first?

Riya Sander

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