7 Tips for Converting Your Van to a Campervan

Converting your campervan that has the used restroom trailers is not a small job. You need to allow for a very long conversion time, and for added expenses and delays. Here are a few things to consider if you are thinking about converting your van into a campervan.

Choose a Timeline and Treble It

Your campervan conversion is going to cost around three times more than you expect, and it will certainly take at least three times longer than you expect. There are several reasons for the extended timeline. The first is that it is difficult to judge just how much work goes into the project and just how long it will take for things to dry, set, cure, etc. In addition, as you go along, you will suffer a severe drop in motivation around half-way through where the fun of taking on the project becomes a grind, and you struggle to make progress. You will finish, but the lull in the middle will slow you down significantly.

Plan Your Gas or Electric Installation

Strongly consider not using gas because of the safety and ventilation issues that come with it. However, it is difficult having an all-electric campervan because power drains very quickly. If you do go all-electric, your battery may drain pretty quickly, but staying at places with electrical socket outlets makes your nights far smoother.

Consider Solar Cells

You can charge your various batteries by simply leaving your van out in the sun during the day. Even a few small solar cells help to charge your smaller items. If you are able to spread them out across your roof so that they do not cause extra wind resistance, then that is good too. Also, remember that big alterations may change your insurance prices, so get a few insurance quotes on www.campervaninsurance.co.uk/campervan-insurance/conversion before you make big alterations to your van.

Watch Other People Install The Windows

The windows are probably the most difficult part of the conversion, and even though you can get a lot of good information from online articles, you should still watch people install them on online videos. Watch several of them, so you know what to expect because the fitting part can be very frustrating when you cannot get it to set in the correct position.

Hire the Tools

Do not buy the tools, do not try to jimmy rig your setup, or try to use hand tools where power tools are required. Plan your conversion and hire the tools you need. The correct tools make a big difference.

Consider Movable Water Storage

If your waste and fresh water is movable, then you can put it outside on hot days, or in the passenger footwell when necessary. Plus, refilling and emptying becomes a lot easier. It may look nicer if you have your campervan all plumbed in but having everything integrated can make your life more difficult. If you have other utilities aside from a water storage, then you might want to consider getting a utility trailer.

Plan Your Insulation

Ventilation is important because nobody likes waking up in a campervan that is dripping with condensation from the water in one’s breath. The condensation also creates mould. Yet, what is worse is when you are freezing in the middle of the night, and you feel like your nose is going to drop off. Plus, good insulation helps your ventilation work more efficiently, which lowers the amount of condensation that appears in your campervan.

Riya Sander

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