Buckets of Fun in the Seaside Town of Swanage

At the south-eastern tip of the Isle of Purbeck lies one of England’s hidden treasures: the small seaside town of Swanage. While it isn’t the most talked-about coastal village in the UK, Swanage deserves much more attention both from locals and foreign visitors. This traditional seaside town features an expansive bay, busy streets lined with different shops and a Blue Flag sandy beach where Punch and Judy continue to entertain visitors.

The Best Places to Visit

Swanage Pier

Did you know that the Swanage Pier has enjoyed its fair share of fame by getting featured in classic films? This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering how beautiful the pier is and the views it offers. Measuring 196m, the Swanage Pier provides a 360-degree view of natural beauty. Even from afar, you’ll witness the beauty of the chalk cliffs of the Isle of Wight. It’s also home to Divers Down, the local diving school. And as you can expect, it’s a great place to go fishing, boating or kayaking.

Swanage Museum and Heritage Centre

If you’re the type of tourist who wants to learn about the history and culture of the places you visit, then you should check out the Swanage Museum and Heritage Centre. This is where you can find different artifacts dating back centuries ago. You’ll even see what dinosaurs roamed around Purbeck in the past.

Durlston Country Park

Located on the outskirts of Swanage is Durlston Country Park. This vast expanse of land is rich with wildlife and you’ll see many species of birds, butterflies and wildflowers. You might even get the chance to see dolphins playing in the waters during summer. Astrologists also meet here once a month, as it’s a great place to go stargazing.

The Best Things to Do

Swanage Boat Charters

Being a seaside town, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to take a boat ride in Swanage. Thankfully, you can choose from a variety of boat charters, each one coming with its unique itinerary, you can Visit Website to check out all the products which are used to repair and fix these boats. There’s nothing like touring the town on a boat, hopping from one beach to another. Swanage News contains information about the different Swanage boat charters.

Swanage Railway

You also shouldn’t miss the chance to hop onto the historic Swanage Railway. This classic steam train gives passengers a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While the ride may be slow, it allows you to enjoy the breathtaking sights to their fullest. You might even wish for the train to go even slower so you can take in all the beautiful surroundings.


One of the most popular water activities in Swanage is kayaking. You can go on a kayak tour from Swanage to Studland, passing through the iconic Old Harry Rocks.

As you can see, a trip to Swanage means your itinerary will be full of fun and exciting activities. This wonderful town has something in store for visitors of all ages, so you can take your entire family with you and feel confident knowing they’ll enjoy their Swanage adventure.

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